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Friday, June 16, 2006
I’m going to step away for a second from Kassam attacks, Reinforced Roofs, and Security Fences and ask you to play a new game.

It’s called ‘Pick out the Ghetto Jew’.

It’s rather simple. You see the statements, and then decide which ones represents the Ghetto Jew, and which one represents a Jew with self-respect.

Yesterday, Palestinians tried to kidnap two 14 and 15 year old girls (brave men these Palestinians) who were hitchhiking in the Shomron (the girls were waiting at a designated hitchhiking post). B”H they got away and the Palestinian terrorists (redundant phrase) were captured.

The reactions:

- (a) A government radio announcer asked one of the girls if “
she learned her lesson”.

- (b) The IDF recommends that people not hitchhike.

- (c) The Yesha council
demands increased patrols instead of reduced hitchhiking.

Which (cowardly) statements indicating that we’re abandoning the field and our security to the enemy and is the reaction of a Ghetto Jew (A, B)?

Which statements point to Jews (ignoring the actual author of the statement) who still maintain their self-respect (C)?

Without even disussing hiding behind a wall or reinforcing roofs, I’ll leave it for you, the reader, to figure out the answer.


Anonymous said...

(a) + (b) = (d)"We are tired of fighting, we are tired of winning," etc. ad nauseum


Oleh Yahshan said...

not that I agree with A - I am not sure what the lesson here is...

but increased patrols is a nice thing to say - but I am not sure you can implament it. Why don't they hitchhike from Inside the Yeshuvim - where it is safe? or at the road blocks??

There is this thing called common sense... And using it would help every now and then. I know there are many safe places to hitchhike - I guess that place is not one of them.

JoeSettler said...

I should have rephrased that. Not "increased patrols", but a return of the patrols to the proper level they used to be at.

The girls were hitchhiking from a designated hitchhiking post. A structure put there specifically for hitchhikers to safely wait at.

Common sense says that when it is unsafe to leave your house (or town), you should do everything you can to remake the area safe, otherwise you lost.

Oleh Yahshan said...

I will admit that I am not familiar with the Trempiadot in the area.
But if the New tactic the Palestinians are going to use is aggresive kidnapping (as apposed to trying to get people into their car first) then maybe we have to change the way we cath Rides.

I don't see this a Ghetto acting but as responding to new threats - just like security guards at malls is not Ghettoing..

JoeSettler said...

I think it comes down to this:

If you lived in a nice home in an area that suddenly became crime-ridden.

Would you
a) demand that the government pay for bars on your windows, and then stay home all night (and day)afraid to walk outside, or

b) would you demand that cops be put back on the beat and perhaps even join the local citizen's watch to help make your neighborhood returns to the safe place it once was?

Oleh Yahshan said...

I think it's a great analogy.
I would go with option B at first but at the same time I would make sure that my kids don't go play in the street by themselves - I would tell them to either play in the back yard or take them to a park.
Adjusting to reality is not giving in to a sittuation. In the end you cannot expect the Army to be able to cover every mile of road every minute of the day. There is a limited amount of recources (Soldiers) and the army is working around the clock to make sure we are all Safe.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

While I wouldnt want my kids hitchhiking there (and I drive past that tempiada daily and give people rides from there) -- I think the girl who fought like the devil is a fantastic contrast to those who would have raised their hands and gone meekly into the car.

In fact, quite a few IDF soliders have done that.

Kol Hakavod to the girls, and to the IDF commander who appeared on the scene -- and then that they raced after the terrorists and apprehended them.

Kein Yirbu Kamochem biYisrael!

(Joe - this was yet another great post of yours...Im not sure why you aren't getting more site traffic. Keep up the great work! Oh, why don't you blog about Tzofim? Seems like a post right up your alley)

Mad Zionist said...

Olmert will likely blame the whole episode on the same Jews who didn't fire on the moslems in Gaza beach - then call for another "good will gesture" to the vermin.

JoeSettler said...

"Im not sure why you aren't getting more site traffic"

Unlike you, I'm not going after the quantity readership. It's quality readership only - for me.

Anonymous said...


I'm confused. Would you allow your girl to hitchike at this "official Post"?

Foget about the army and Olmert and the PLO, your daughter's life is more precious.

No room for politics here.


Oleh Yahshan said...

The girl wouldn't have to fight off bravely if she wouldn't have been there in the first place... that's like saying I managed to stop in the last second before hitting someone in my car while driving 30 KMH over the speed limit - you wouldn't give me a medal for it you would scream at me for almost killing someone and breaking the law - most importantly - NOT using commen sense...

Am I a Quality not Quantity reader??

good point..

JoeSettler said...

OY: ...and if Jews weren't in S'derot, Ashkelon, and Ashdod there would be no risk of anyone being hurt by a falling Kassam, and no concern that our defense Minister would need to fight back bravely. Moving on to Tel Aviv, if...

I don't have Quantity readers, so it's no question. The question is, are you a quality commentor? :)

SoD: Here's a link for you:

Oleh Yahshan said...

well that is a question you will have to answer - But you should be warned I have been called "too aggresive a Jew" about some of my comments (see a post on my blog about that one...)

tafka PP said...

Whoa, Jameel, don't like your comment about being "meekly" kidnapped. Not for you to judge. Any more than it is for Joe to call people trying to appraise prospects of safety a "Ghetto Mentality"- it is simply people being realistic. Just because you don't agree with their version of the reality doesn't entitle you to use such an offensive label.

(I like to think I'm a quality commenter, but I don't think Joe does!)

JoeSettler said...

pp: I tend to mostly disagree with you and think your values and priorities are completely misaligned ("alignment" is now such a useful word, when it's not just for the tires of your car), and while I'm keeping my opinion of what qualifies as a quality commenter to myself, other than your actual opinions and viewpoints, you have left no stupid or insulting remarks here, so it's certainly not no quality. :)

As for my rhetoric, it's perfect for my blog.

JoeSettler said...

pp & jameel: I have to agree with pp on the word 'meekly' in this particular situation.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

I hereby retract the word meekly.

The image that came to mind (with the word meekly) was that of IDF soldiers refusing to shoot in the air to protect themselves as they got hit with rocks.

Batya said...

Those girls did a great job escaping.

Don't forget that grannies tremp, too!

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