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Wednesday, June 07, 2006
I’m sure that Ehud Olmert (unlike his wife and kids) didn’t have this in mind when he pushed for his plan to label all Settler products sold in Europe with the label, “Made in the Israeli Occupied Town of [Fill in the Name]”. But hey, give an inch, take a mile.

The Europeans, for some reason,
just don’t agree with Israel’s internal consensus of Israel’s most minimalist borders (surprise!).

While the average Israeli might think the Kotel (maybe), or the Golan Heights is our sovereign territory, for some reason the rest of the world just doesn’t agree.

I guess we will have to making our plans for unilateral disengagement from the “Israel-occupied Syrian territories” (Golan Heights) because at least Sweden is acting consistently in its behavior in demanding accurate labeling on everything from after 1967 (as occupied territory).

And if we intend to be consistent on our behavior, (not a left-wing strongpoint, admittedly) then the Left should begin demanding that we evacuate those Golan Heights settlers so that the rest of the world will love them (the Left) - and don’t think that at some point this won’t happen, and we’ll have to pull out those ‘HaAm im HaGolan’ stickers - again.


Oleh Yahshan said...

your last parag. is exactly the reason we have to move 100,000 people on to the Golan. Make Katzrin a Major City and develop a road system (and Train??).
The other thing is to complete the annexation of the Druzim on the Golan - so that if the day came we have them on our side of the fight (the word refferendum comes to mind)...

Anonymous said...


Lighten up a bit- vist


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