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Sunday, June 25, 2006
Not a single Right winger should be forced to die because of the stupidity of the Left and their leadership.

As far as I am concerned, the lesson of today is that not a single Right winger should be forced to die because of the stupidity of the Left and their leadership.

Since Oslo we have been trying to fight the open stupidity and submission of the Left to Arab terror. Yet we have been denigrated, ignored, beaten, ill-treated by the legal system, deported, and told to be good Victims of Peace.

Well, I’ve personally had enough.

If the Left want to surrender, that’s their problem.

There is no reason anymore for any Right winger to continue to be cannon fodder for the idiotic and messianic Left’s delusional dreams of peace.


JoeSettler said...

I recommend reading this:

Anonymous said...

YOU'VE had enough?

By your genius logic, no Left-winger should therefore die for the corrupt and selfish ideology of the right, which is streets away from the original tenets of Torah Judaism it claims to monopolize. Guess the Right will have to round up your own armies to protect your settlements. Or do you want to just build a wall between Right and Left and start a new state? The People's Front of Judea or the Judean People's Front?

Ben Bayit said...

Someone recently told me that Rebbe Nahman of Breslov is quoted as saying only someone that is psychologically ill would join the military.

I guess they don't study that bit of Breslov chassidut in Otniel or Eli pre-military academies.

JoeSettler said...

"corrupt and selfish ideology"!? Aren't you totally confused.

Clearly you don't know who makes up the largest segment of combat officers in the IDF, and which segment of society has proportionally more combat soldiers than any other, and how all the Yishuvim do run our own volunteer army units under IDF auspices because the Left has given the army orders to reduce their direct protection.

And clearly you don't know who has been busy trying to rip the nation apart just like it ripped Jews out of their homes.

And clearly you know nothing about Torah values.

Clearly you are a leftist.

And yes, that was the sound of me dismissing you.

chardal said...


You would not know the "original tenets of Torah Judaism" if they came up and bit you on the nose.

hashfanatic said...

It's not like your concurrence is required in this matter, at any rate.

Anonymous said...

The settler(s) and his armchair wannabes do protest too much.

Anonymous said...

So,maybe I will cheer the Arabs so they wipe out the current corrupt state of Israel and my kids and grandkids can volunteer to retake it as the Republic of Judea and tell the Humanists and Socialists to move to Europe instead of defiling the "Land of the Promise" with their filth?

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