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Friday, June 30, 2006
Well, despite the past few days of IDF attacks, thousands of rounds fired, and a miraculous zero Palestinian casualties (except for those killed by friendly fire in their own living rooms), the Palestinian terrorists have managed to send a Kassam missile that has reached Ashkelon.

This as Olmert has stopped his push into Northern Gaza while the Kassam missiles not only haven’t stopped, but have increased in range.

To paraphrase former Israeli ambassador Pinkus Alon, “those settlers in Ashkelon don’t belong where they are.”


JoeSettler said...

Update: 1 terrorist killed as he was firing a kassam. Presumably not the missile that hit Ashkelon.

Oleh Yahshan said...

well.. it seems there were 2 killed when they tried to fire a kassam from inside the house!!
another one was killed when her husband was cleaning his gun...
Darwin strikes again!

Anonymous said...

BTW, Michelle Nevada has an opinion piece on Arutz Sheva's website titled "Smoke and Mirrors." In it she posits that the IDF operation in 'Aza is essentially a sleight-of-hand to keep the media's and the public's attention focused elsewhere while smOlmert [not her term] sends in a few hundred Yasamniks, Magavniks, what have you to destroy Jewish outposts in Yo"SH with minimal struggle. Any thoughts about that, or any hints of her scenario being carried out on the ground?


JoeSettler said...

I would disagree.

More likely he is showing he is a real 'gever' (despite only 1 terrorist being killed, not including those that blew themselves up in their living room). Once he pulls out and shows he can be Mr. Security and isn't afraid to deploy forces to do absolutely nothing, then he will kick more Jews out of their homes.

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