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Friday, June 09, 2006
As I mentioned the Settlers had planned a creative protest today to fight the government's plan to dry up our communities by creating artificial traffic jams, and keeping perfectly good alternative roads closed.

The creative protest was the opening of the Tekoa road by Settlers from Gush Etzion on one side of the barrier, and Settlers from Jerusalem, Be'er Sheva and Tel Aviv on the other end.

Here is a quick note from Nadia Matar describing today's events.

Still exhausted from everything involved around this march.

I will not go into details but just to say that the Tekoa-Jerusalem Road opening was a HUGE success.

Over 80 cars came from the Tekoa end with in each one at least 2 people, sometimes 4 or 5.

From Har Choma some 200 people started the walk- some 80 made it to us.

We drove from tekoa on this beautiful road- when you drive there you ask yourself "how on earth is it possible to not open this road immediately?"

The army said there is no problem to drive till the blockade close to Har Choma where we become the "problem of the Jerusalem police"

We drove to the blockade (barbed wire)within a couple of minutes- got out of our car- surprised the police who did not expect such a huge crowd- pushed our way through the gate that was closed and started marching a couple hundred meters (2 policemen on horses were there but could do nothing to stop us)

We saw the people that had left from Har Choma approaching, They had also gone through complicated ways to make it till us.

Both groups united , embraced-and the organizers declared that the activity had succeeded beyond any expectations- both groups had joined forces on the road and had managed to connect!!! Har Choma Beyadeinu!!! we declared.

We know that despite all kinds of disinformation from the police and people who pretend they are from the moetsa of gush etzion but whom we think might be shabak- the battle for the road is hardly over.

The police has put out a flyer that they are willing to rethink positively about the reopening of the road- the gush etzion residents received it in their mail last nite !!!

(how interesting hey....probably to mix up people and make them think the demo is over)

anyway- we are willing to give them the benefit of the doubt- the organizers of the march announced that they will give the authorities one more week to finish the last stretch of the road- if we see they are working- ma tov- if not we will once again organize such a road bursting till they open it to Jewish traffic

let's wait and see

meanwhile- yashar koach to all the neemanei erets Yisrael, adults and youth for erets Israel and the action committees from Yesha and from har Choma , Gilo, Maaleh adumim and talpiyot and yashar koach to the many Women in Green who came from all over too

A special yashar koach to prof Arieh Zaritzky who came all the way from Beer Sheva and to the group that came from Tel Aviv

Yashar Koach to MK Arieh Eldad who came and marched with the youth from Har Choma, connecting up with us close to the gate and delivered a chizuk speech

You all worked very hard- and This just shows that when we are determined and not scared- we can succeed in doing things- may this be the beginning of many succesful activities that in the end will stop the evil plans of this government

Alo Naaleh Veyarashnu Ota!!!
Shabbat Shalom

Nadia Matar
in the name of all the organizers Neemanei Erets israel and Youth for Erets Israel & the Action Committees


Anonymous said...

Can we smirk at the sticker lady when we drive on this road while she waits at tunnel road checkpoint?

JoeSettler said...

Only if you don't get arrested for driving on it.

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