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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Anonymous said...

LOVED it! This certainly sums it up. Would like to see this and the previous cartoon published in some newspapers (even in the U.S.).........what do you think of that idea?
In my opinion, I think you can reach a lot more people with this type of humor.

Anonymously hoping for positive action and reactions.........

Ezzie said...

Wow, amazing how books from 10 years ago are still applicable! (Check the date.)

JoeSettler said...

ezzie: Good catch, but I am too busy/lazy to change it.

Ben Bayit said...

It costs about $10,000 +/- to do a "customized" for dummies book (really - that's how much they charge).

The sad thing is that Peretz has spent even more than that in taxpayer money on his (useless) private English lessons.

Anonymous said...

You are hot.
I think it is too advanced for them.

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