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Friday, June 23, 2006
I received the following from Manhigut Yehudit.

Re-education in Israel's Courts
-- A 15 Year Old Girl remains in Prison

Re-education is the application of coercive techniques to change the beliefs or behavior of one or more people, usually for political or religious purposes. Re-education is generally associated with dictatorial regimes or religious cults. But it is alive and well in Israel's court system.

Oriyah Shirel is a 15 year old girl who lives in Hebron. She is a typical "settler" teenager, busy with school and social events while devoting much of her time to help strengthen the Jewish hold on the Land of Israel. A week and a half ago, Oriyah was arrested at a demonstration in the Jewish Quarter of Hebron. Initially, no charges were pressed against her. The judge ordered to free Oriyah on bail. Oriyah refused to take part in the farce. "I did nothing wrong," she said, "and there is no reason for me to sign on bail and thus recognize the court system that consistently fights against me and my ideals." The judge sent Oriyah back to her jail cell.

Oriyah was held in jail for the next week with no charges pressed against her. In other words, any citizen in Israel can be arrested for no reason and held in jail indefinitely simply because he does not recognize the authority of the court system. "If you sign and recognize our authority," the judges essentially explain, "you can go free. If not, we have methods to help you to understand." In Oriyah's case, those methods included revoking her rights to speak with her parents on the phone and eventually separating her from her friends and sending her to a filthy solitary cell in a prison reserved for drug dealers and other sordid characters. The bottom line is that Oriyah, a minor,
was imprisoned to force her to change her opinions and ideals. In plain English, that's called re-education.

After Oriyah was in prison for a week, the prosecution came up with a charge sheet. Oriyah was charged with unruly behavior in a public place. The police claimed that they had a video proving the charge. Oriyah and her father (Manhigut Yehudit's Educational Director, Dovid Shirel) insisted
that Oriyah did nothing wrong.

"Furthermore," they added, "the court is not neutral, but rather has an agenda of its own. The court's agenda is to fight against our ideals and to coerce us to accept its worldview. While we have simply our Jewish faith on our side, the court has an entire system of judges, police and prisons to force us to accept its dictates. There is a struggle today in Israel between those people who want a Jewish state and those who want it to be totally secular. The place for that struggle is not in the courts. The court has no authority to force its agenda upon us."

In an unexpected turn of events, the prosecution admitted that they had no video or any other means to prove that Oriyah had committed a crime. Nevertheless, the judge ruled that Oriyah will remain in prison until she is willing to sign on bail. With astounding candor she wrote that:

  1. There is no direct proof that Oriyah did anything illegal.

  2. The reason for Oriyah's imprisonment is her refusal to recognize the authority of the court.

  3. Oriyah will remain in jail until she signs on bail.

The honorable judge's written decision concurs in black and white with Oriyah's claim. The name of the game is re-education.

Oriyah is now back in prison. Not because she committed a crime. She is there simply because the court's re-education project has not yet been successful. Oriyah is a strong girl and has a solid support system of family and friends. With G-d's help, she will be fine. What is not fine is the fact that Israel's ruling elite is using the court system to oppress and re-educate Israel's Jewish majority.

One of Manhigut Yehudit's major goals is to replace Israel's judicial oligarchy with true Jewish justice. We will continue to explore this issue in an upcoming article.

Click here for a live interview with Dovid Shirel, Oriyah's father.


rockofgalilee said...

Wouldn't you agree that if someone doesn't recognize the legal system, meaning tht they will decide for themselves how to behave irregardless of the law, they are likely to be a danger to society.

For example, someone might say I don't recognize the speed limit and I think it is undemocratic for the legal system to determine how fast I can drive and therefore I will drive as fast as I want.

In pirkei avos it says, pray for the welfare of the government because if people don't fear them men will swallow their friends alive.

I don't think she should have to post bail and if there is no evidence they should let her go free, but if she says publicly that she is not planning on following the laws of the country because she doesn't recognize the legal system, that might be considered a valid reason to keep her locked up.

JoeSettler said...

The girl she did nothing wrong, nor is there reasonable reason to assume that she was/is imminently about to do something wrong.

She merely made a statement after being falsly arrested that she refuses to recognize the right (not the power) of the court to arrest and detain her because the court disagrees with her political ideology.

In a democracy, political dissidence is not a reason to put someone in jail. Now if we want to be like Syria, the PA, Egypt, Jordan, and the USSR...

rockofgalilee said...

I'm only saying that if someone makes a statement that they don't agree with the laws and will thereby break them at first opportunity then the government has a right to hold them.
As an example, if a policeman hears someone say (and believes him) that as soon as he gets into his car he is going to recklessly drive 150 miles per hour because he doesn't accept the law, then the policeman has an obligation to
take measures to prevent the guy from driving.

If she's making statements that can easily be interpreted as "I don't accept these laws and therefore I won't follow them," then they have to keep her arrested until they are sure that she won't break the laws.

There is a difference between political dissidence and declaring that you will break the law that you disagree with. In a democracy, if you don't like the laws then you vote those people out of office. If the government is not voted out of office that means that more people like those laws then don't like those laws. It's not like any of this is coming as a surprise to the people who voted this government in.
Aside for the people of Sderot, who overwhelmingly voted for Labor, most people hear would vote the exact same way if the elections were held today.

JoeSettler said...

Oriyah has been freed!

JoeSettler said...

She didn't say she would break the law. She specifically said she didn't commit any acts of violence or even protest and that she doesn't recognize the authority of the state.

rockofgalilee said...

thank god they let her out. She will now probably lead a life of continuous harrassment and probably get arrested every time they are looking for a scapegoat and need a girl for publicity or when Federman isn't available.
Poor girl.

tafka PP said...

She is a typical "settler" teenager, busy with school and social events while devoting much of her time to help strengthen the Jewish hold on the Land of Israel.

Cmon, Joe! We both know EXACTLY what that means in Hebron.

And yet, while I don't have any proof that this teenager isn't Snow White, you similarly have no proof that she is. Hate the court system all you want, but playing j'accuse with the leadership is not going to help any of us.

JoeSettler said...

PP: Add I'm proud of her and support her, whatever it means in Hebron.

tafka PP said...

Would you still support her if she had been filmed using violence against soldiers, internationals, or Palestinian girls who have to walk around that area to get to their school?

JoeSettler said...

I'd have no problem if she physically defended herself against brutal policemen, or beat up some ISMers, or even gave it back to the Palestinian youths that harass the Jewish kids in the area.

But your statement is nothing more than pure leftist propaganda, because your statement shows that you would immediately assume that just because you saw a video of violence and a settler that the settler is as fault.

Just to remind you, Rabbis for Human Rights and other Leftists groups instigated the local arabs to attack Avri Ran's farm. It was only because those arabs got stupidly caught on video naming names of who told them to attack Avri and how to identify him was Avri released from jail after 6 months of false arrest.

In my eyes, this girl showed strength of character.

tafka PP said...

Joe: My "statement" shows nothing- I wasn't even referring to the Avri Ran incident. Accuse me of all the propaganda you desire, but it won't help your argument this time.

I've spent a lot of time in the Hebron area in various guises. And when I was in Hebron recently, the group I was with (including many people wearing kippot, speaking Hebrew) got repeatedly threatened and then eventually attacked by a bunch of *teenagers* wielding all manner of objects: It was a miracle that nobody got seriously hurt. And so after that happened, I saw the various videos in a somewhat different light. As one might.

Again, credit me with some knowledge and sense of the situation before you accuse me of spouting propaganda: I treat you with the same courtesy.

JoeSettler said...

Congratulations, you went into Hebron recently with a bunch of people recently some of who wore kippot(leftists can wear kippot too, it doesn't make them any smarter), and how many other groups have been visiting Hebron lately specifically to act as Human Shields and to specifically violently instigate against the Jewish community (plenty as if you weren't aware). So this time your member of your particular group may not have been actively instigating. So what?

The events this morning in Keren Shalom are the direct result and sole responsibility of the Left for their Disengagement. What happened there will simply repeat itself inside the “green line” (and you are obviously unaware that the escalation has begun). So if the Hebron youth are keeping the Leftist instigators away, or at least wary – Kol HaKavod to them, because our youth are the last line holding back the Leftists from ripping this country apart and destroying what remains of our deterrence.

JoeSettler said...

And if I sound angry. It is because I am.

JoeSettler said...

You didn’t mention the Avri Ran incident because you prefer to operate in a vacuum.

Your trip to Hebron was in a vacuum regardless of the backdrop of events in Hebron over the past few months of other 'visiting' groups.

That the Left openly exploits and instigates local arabs to attack and harass settlers is irrelevant to you because you choose to operate in a vacuum.

You would believe all claims that Settlers cut down Arab olive trees even after Arabs were caught on video cutting down their own trees – because you prefer to live in a vacuum.

You have zero, and I mean zero clue as to what is going on the Judea/Samaria right now, and a trip or two to Hebron isn’t going to change that.

JoeSettler said...

I think every single Leftist that supported Hitnakut should be the only ones to go into Gaza right now to retrieve the boy's body. They're the ones that are responsible for the massive influx of weapons and our compete loss of deterrence.

Not a single Right winger should be forced to die because of the stupidity of the Left and their leadership.

tafka PP said...

Oh dear, Joe. Aside from the sad fact that you couldn't be more wrong about me or how I live if you tried... I'm not about to counter every single personal attack you made- just know I wasn't in Hebron on any sort of "shielding Palestinians" mission- far from it! And if you've ever read my blog, you'll know I don't feel dissimilarly to you about the ISM and other such groups.

My original point was that quote about her being a typical land-of-Israel teen was a loaded statement in view of her Hebron location and the documented activities of the teens there: Some which I've witnessed over many years, others which I've heard about from all manner of first-hand sources, including many Yesha residents who will freely admit that Hebron is on the edge of the extreme. I didn't realise I was lighting any fires by stating what I have seen and heard, and often. It wasn't my intention to anger you.

Its been a tough day for all of us, believe it or not (I won't assume anything about you, even if I can't expect the same courtesy in return) so I'll now leave you to your vacuum of people who agree with everything you say. I won't check this thread again.

Anonymous said...

the real reason she is in jail is because she is the daughter of an activist leader. it's the same reason they arrested lenny goldberg's daughter and teh same reason daniel pinner is in jail. because of their beliefs and their affiliation to actvist groups the government doesn't like. because if they can't get the father's then they can't exert pressure by arresting the children. this is not about the law. it's about destroying the right wing. we stand for it because we are civilized and have real jobs, unlike in other countries where they have third world economies and have coups once a decade.

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