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Sunday, June 18, 2006
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is talking realignment, Defense Minister Peretz is bragging about ending Kassam attacks for a whole day (not even), the OU is showing how progressive they are when it comes to Israel related “politics”, and Yair Lapid is ashamed he’s a child killer (oh please).

Meanwhile the residents of S’derot are declaring a citywide strike, have shut down their schools and are blockading the entrance (and exit) to their city.

Luckily their interdiction won’t affect most people in the country because the Mondial has everyone’s attention.

And this is exactly how the Left brought us 12 years of Oslo terrorism and then the expulsion and abandonment of thousands of Jews from their homes in Eretz Yisroel.

As a group, except the settlers, no one really cares anymore what is going on outside their little world. Olmert and Peretz are purposely dragging us to the disaster of the next expulsion. And while the laity of American Jewry might be upset, their leaders are certainly not setting particularly inspiring or shining examples.

I suspect people have simply given up fighting the overtly corrupt system.

Unfortunately the proof is in S’derot.

How often can they get hit? How much damage must be done? How many people must get hurt or killed? Residents have been on a hunger strike for at least a week now (two people have collapsed so far). Children no longer go to school. People are afraid to go to work and are looking for ways to leave the city permanently.

Right now it looks like Sharon, Olmert, and Peretz’s realignment will hit S’derot even before the settlements (by about 2 weeks), this time outsourced it to the PA instead of the IDF.

The real solution is not deployed and nothing effective is being done (Peretz even offered to let the Arabs keep their Kassams in storehouses, just don’t shoot them at us), and if something will eventually be done, it will already be too late for many of the traumatized residents of this town, but worst of all, can you imagine that they had to even reach this level of protest just to even get a reaction!

When people can reach the level of protest that the residents of S’derot have achieved and still see nothing in the field, no response, no reaction, and no intervention – well then that is a message to all the citizens of the State of Israel. Your opinions, your votes, your lives, your homes, your jobs, you – are insignificant and irrelevant to the political leadership of this country.

And when that happens often enough, as it has over the past 12 years, people begin to hunker down and ignore the outside world as it closes in on them.

It is time for new leadership to get up and lead. Not the confused ‘Mamlachti’ who would have condemned Yehudah HaMacabbi, but those like Dovid before he became king - someone who will inspire us with his ten thousands.

Think about it.


JoeSettler said...

IMRA on why the Israeli government is not responding to the S'derot attacks:

It doesn't really explain why there is no reaction on the government's part, but at least why no one is overly upset when there is no reaction on the government's part. I found that his first paragraph best exemplifies this lack of motivation:

1. The rockets attacks are not a big news item because no one has been
killed recently by a rocket. The Israeli attitude towards near misses is
that they are not relevant. Consider that when many tens of thousands of
Israelis were almost incinerated when a tanker truck blew up in Israel's
largest gas (and other fuel) depot, the Pi Glilot fuel depot on Thursday May
23, 2002 it had literally no impact.

rockofgalilee said...

It sounds like your throwing your hat in the ring for position of king.

JoeSettler said...

That would mean having to get out of the house more.

Shanah said...

Who was Dovid but a man after HaShem's own heart? Those will be our leaders-- men and women after the heart of HaShem. It's fine to turn your back on a useless government, but no one can survive as a hermit; I pray along with the frustrated residents of S'derot for HaShem to have mercy and act quickly on Israel's behalf, for the sake of His own Good Name and the promises in Torah and Tanak. This is where we are at in time; you are right, we are in desperate need for Dovids and Yehudah HaMacabbis-- it is time for those with full faith in HaShem to take charge.

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