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Sunday, June 04, 2006
Well here is some unexpected potentially good news. Even though I don’t approve of excessive (any) government intervention in our daily lives I actually find myself trying to limit my time on the road because Israeli drivers these past few months have become very scary.

"Hundreds of marked and unmarked police cars will patrol the nation's highways over the next two weeks in a widespread operation to enforce driving laws, particularly on Israel's major traffic arteries. Helicopters will monitor traffic from the air, Army Radio reported."

Most importantly they will finally be dealing with what I think is issue #1 on the Israeli road:

"There are violations we consider 'road bullying', and we don't let people guilty of them off," Ayalon continued.

Like everyone, I don’t like the idea of having to constantly look over my shoulder, that there might be a policeman around (even if I’m not guilty), but then again, nor do I like the Israeli, a mile down the road speeding at me at 150 with flashing brights trying to bully me out of his way on "his" road.

So if Israelis have proven to lack even the most minimal self-discipline and courtesy on the roads, then maybe this is a good thing.


Rafi G. said...

way to go! finally something positive from the cops!!

Jerusalemcop said...

lets home it works joe

Anonymous said...

GREAT! It's reeducation or, in this case, just plain education for the driving public and a necessary tool to help show these drivers which direction to follow.........But, in order to work this must turn out to be a PERMANENT situation.
Certainly on New York highways you always wonder where "they" are..... No doubt this keeps you alert and aware of your driving speeds.
Hopefully, this will be a permanent situation in Israel too.
In addition, if they don't have it yet, they should be advertising continuously on public TV, RESPECTFUL AND SAFE DRIVING EDUCATION!

Anonymously hopeful

Dreams from a Parallel Life said...

I wish this had something to do with reducing the amount of traffic accidents but sadly, I must say that it probably has more to do with the Israel Police being strapped for cash.

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