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Friday, June 30, 2006
This has been making the rounds through the internet.

When Fox News interviewer asked former Israeli Ambassador Alon Pinkus. “It’s OK to go in to invade over a soldier, and not a settler?” Pinkus gives a rather unsurprising answer.

There’s seems to be a different attitude when it comes to freeing a soldier than a settler who probably was murdered in cold blooded, [who] should not have been where he was,” Pinkus stated.

Now I don’t know if Pinkus is expressing his own opinion, or if this is how he understands the "logic" of the government, but there is that minor fact that the “settler” Eliyahu Asheri was kidnapped from within Jerusalem at French Hill.

So are we now to assume from Pinkus’s answer that Jews don’t belong in Jerusalem? Maybe Jews do not belong in French Hill? Has the government also given up on Jerusalem? Or is it simply that “settlers” are second class citizens wherever they may be?

The interview can be seen here.


Oleh Yahshan said...

will you come and stay at my Apt. when they come to drag me out of my house??

JoeSettler said...

I'll be there with bricks and batons.

Oleh Yahshan said...


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