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Thursday, June 08, 2006

In follow up to my previous post on the Ghetto Stickers there is some action in the field that we settlers are doing to block the government’s attempt to create their new facts on the ground and prepare us for their next set of mass deportations.

To begin with, most people don’t realize that former Israeli governments created a beautiful road linking the Tekoa region (Eastern Gush Etzion) to Jerusalem (Har Homa). This road takes a mere 8 minutes from those settlements blocs to right into Jerusalem (faster than from Ramot to Malcha) – but with one small hitch.

A previous government decided to not pave the last 500 meters and put up a barbed wire fence at the end to prevent traffic passage. The road is simply a dirt road at that last stretch.

In light of the political decision of creating artificial traffic jams on the Gush Etzion Tunnel Road, introducing Ghetto Stickers, and purposely not opening a fast road from an area they are trying to cut off (sooner rather than later), settlers from the Gush have decided to protest somewhat creatively tomorrow.

You can read more about it
here. Perhaps I’ll post some pictures.

In the meantime to read more about police abusing their power to harass settlers read this article.


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