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Thursday, October 02, 2008
While all the other Rosh Hashanah papers were going on about the new Right Wing Undergound and their website, and how all right wingers (anyone not far left) need to be suppressed for the good of democracy, only one paper managed to break the real story.

All the papers have been talking about a right-wing website "The Real Rightwing", where the threats of attack were first seen.

Except that they were never seen there.

Apparently no paper except for Makor-Rishon (Tzofeh/Daily Edition) actually bothered to talk to the website owner.

After the story broke in the papers, the shocked site owner went to the police with all his forums records.


Because first of all, the story that threats were published on his forum were completely untrue.

It turns out, the story of the threat was emailed using a spoofed name to the various news sources that ran with the story without bothering to check with the site itself - where the threats never appeared at all.

The site owner, Aharon Levi, went to the police, who themselves confirmed that they were aware that the email was obviously spoofed.

In fact, they apparently have a good lead as to who it is, as their prime suspect is some kid who was banned from the forum for anti-social behavior, and has been stalking and harassing Levi ever since (including spoofing his name in emails).

Do with that information, what you will.


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