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Monday, October 27, 2008
As near as I can tell, HaAretz has written an article that apparently criticizes (again) the IDF Chief Rabbi.

From before, we know that Rabbi Ronski is a very active IDF Chief Rabbi.

He's feels it his duty to go accompany troops on their way to battles - even on Shabbat. He was criticized from a lot of religious circles for that, but he views his job as that of the Cohen Gadol before battle. In my opinion rightfully so.

But Rabbi Ronski has been in HaAretz's sites for a while.

A few days ago they wrote an article attacking him for providing some Jewish education to IDF soldiers. Apparently (as we all know) the Education Division doesn't exactly provide much in the way of Jewish content, and Rabbi Ronski has filled that gap - after all, isn't that what a Rabbi does?

HaAretz calls that brainwashing.

Personally I think they are worried that an IDF soldier that has a basic familiarity with Jewish values and Jewish history in Israel won't be able to throw another Jew out of his home.

Now, it seems that Rabbi Avichai Ronski has taken on a personal initiative to go to Jewish prisoners held incarcerated in the Jewish section of the prison (you know, the one that holds the right-wingers), and has been sitting with them teaching them Torah.

Shades of Reb Aryeh Levine!

The article is meant as an attack, certainly its tone indicates that, as do its words. But I can't understand what they are trying to criticize. Nor do I see what it is they are attacking. Yet that is what they are doing.

I read these articles and think, this guy sounds amazing, and what a shame he wasn't Chief Rabbi when I was in the army and needed a good one.


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