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Thursday, October 30, 2008
Every now and then the good guys win. Well, maybe not win, but it is clear that they should have won. And that is in of itself a victory.

Almost a year ago I wrote about the Beit HaShalom in Hebron. The Left and the government have been doing everything they can to kick the Jews out of their lawfully purchased home.

The courts actually ordered all the Jews to be out by tomorrow - or else.

In a last minute save (hopefully) Hebron's Jewish residents have produced an audio tape of the former owner admitting he sold the house to the intermediary in question (after he claimed to the courts that he didn't).

The courts have rejected hard evidence in the past (signed sale documents, etc.), let's see what they do with this.

The Though Police have released the Kiryat Arba resident who cursed the security forces who destroyed the Federman farm. They discovered his identity only after he outed himself and apologized for what he had said. After learning of his identity (through the apology) the police arrested him.

He has since been released but his thoughts will be closely watched by those in charge.

And finally, in an excavation near Beit Shemesh a 3000 year old pottery piece was found with what appears to be ancient Hebrew writing on it.

Dr. Eilat Mazar has found a new tunnel under the City of David. This lady is great.

And the Copper Mines of King Solomon may have been found.

That's a good way to end the week.


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