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Monday, October 13, 2008
While Acco burns, Arabs stone and firebomb cars on the roads of Yesh(a), and Arabs and Leftists are caught destroying Arab olive fields so that settlers get framed, Matan Vilnai (Labor) is planning an inter-agency task force to combat Settler violence.

A number of comments in the article struck my attention.

According to figures presented to the Knesset Internal Affairs Committee last week, police have opened 407 criminal files against Israelis involved in public disturbances in Judea and Samaria since the beginning of the year. Thirty-six cases were opened against left-wing activists, while the remaining 91% were opened against right-wing activists.

You’ve got to admit that that 36 leftists is an amazing low number considering how many justified arrests of Leftists they could do near Chashmonaim (Bi’ilin) or Hebron if they only wanted to stop the Leftwing-incited violence there.

The next line was this.

“While there is an increase in the number of arrests [of Settlers], most of the people arrested are then released without even being charged or convicted. This needs to change."

You’ve got to admit that that is quite interesting. Police arrested 371 settlers and having the charges against nearly all of them failing to pass even the most minimal (and liberal) of court requirements (even for charging, much less convicting).

That means one of two things. The police are falsely and aggressively arresting settlers and therefore (rightfully) are unable to charge them with anything as they are innocent, or the police are totally incompetent and can’t even make a proper arrest.

But this is the kicker.

“Vilna'i's task force would work to come up with ways to deter settler violence and ensure swift processing of cases brought to court.”

As the charges never stick, because they are fake or illegal, this line can only mean one of two things. (1) They will ask the judges to ignore the evidence (or lack of evidence) and convict Settlers regardless, or (2) they will radically change the laws so that Settlers can be arrested and charged for anything the police feel like and that evidence or facts won’t play a role in swiftly convicting Settlers.


Anonymous said...

"Hashiva shofteinu* kevarishona!"

*and shotreinu

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