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Thursday, October 02, 2008
I'm just waiting for Olmert to call it another "Jewish Pogrom" and example of Settler lawlessness and violence.

Last night 9 cars (owned by Jews) were stoned and firebombed, and one Jewish boy (age 7) was injured as was another unidentified individual. All done (apparently) by residents of the Arab village of Azun.

Didn't you see it mentioned on the news? No!

You probably only heard about the Arab rock throwing incident in Devoriyah near Afula (that's within the Green line, if you weren't sure).

Azun is an Arab village in the Shomron, near the Jewish town of Karnei Shomron and Ma'aleh HaShomron.

After the attacks kept going on, and the local Jewish residents noticed the dearth of IDF soldiers and policemen responding to the attacks (they showed up, but only after 9 cars were hit in a 20 minute period), this morning the local residents decided to respond on their own.

Dozens of residents blocked the entrance and exit to Azun with their cars. The roads were backed up for miles, and the police, who for a change rushed to the scene (in far less than 20 minutes), only managed to back it up even more when they tried to bypass the roadblocks.

Many Jewish residents then strode through the village (not attacking anyone or damaging property, but making it clear that they were there). The Arab residents did not come out of their houses (they were placed under curfew by the army for yesterday's attacks).

The police decided to ticket all the cars that were blocking the offending village and arrested 4 Jews. No Arabs were arrested for throwing stones or firebombs.


Avi said...

Of course the media won't report that story!

I have to take my hat off to the people who parked their cars and walked through the village. Kol hakavod to them. I hope this is the beginning of a new spirit to let the Arabs know that we are the baalei habayit even if our own government and army actions seem to show otherwise.

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