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Sunday, October 26, 2008
It looks like new election might be on the table, but we have another 8 hours or so to see if Livni really follows through.

On Shabbat, residents of Otniel stopped another instigation attempt by leftists and Arabs who were pretending to go and pick olives - in the fields belonging to the town, within the towns boundaries no-less.

The Leftists came armed with their cameras hoping to film one-side of the story (the part after their provocation).

Otniel residents called the army and security forces quickly kicked the Left wing provocateurs out.

A similar event happened this morning near Kidumim/Shvut Ami.

While on Friday, the anarchists were seen near the gates of Efrat.

A volunteer policeman in Modiin spotted a suspicious Arab and captured him when he then attempted to stab the policeman in an attack similar to the one in Jerusalem last week.

This was followed today by a near stabbing attack of a municipal worker on Har HaZeitim (Mount of Olives, Jerusalem). The inspector happened to have been armed and subdued his Arab attacker.

In Acco, the Hesder Yeshiva was torched by local Arabs.

Police and Army destroyed the farm of Noam Federman near Kiryat Arba at 1-2AM in the morning. Police destroyed the home and all the contents inside - including smashing glass windows in on little children. The farm has been in existence for some 10 years. It is suspected that their is a connection between the Police's acts of vandalism and destruction to Federman's protests against allowing hundreds of armed Palestinian terrorists (policemen) into Hebron.


K. Shoshana said...

I’m betting Livni goes for calling general elections otherwise the army’s illegal actions against the Federman homestead would serve no purpose.

Why should the government sanction an illegal action taken against a private citizen without regard to due process of law unless the current administration wanted to deliberately provoke a violent response in order to advance its own political agenda?

This way Kadima can be seen as being tough and resolute and standing against the ‘evil’ settlers rather than a government drunk and running amuck on its own corrupt coercive power. One plank in the Kadima election platform will have to be negotiating the dividing of Jerusalem which is a tough sell to the religious and sometimes observant but it becomes far easier if the religious Jews can be demonized and therefore neutralized politically.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't have said it better myself, except Barak is just as likely behind it as Livni, so he can toughen up his image.

K. Shoshana said...

Livni, Barack, from this distance it is hard to tell them apart sometimes but I agree it Barack had to have given the order -especially, in light of Federman's profile. What would be interesting to learn is if this explusion was discussed in cabinet.

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