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Monday, October 27, 2008
"Handcuffed Settler Beats up 10 Policemen." - That's what the headline might as well have said.

Noam Federman was arrested today as his house was illegally being destroyed by government forces.

He was charged with attacking policemen.

The court was forced to release Noam after the court discovered that some exceptional policemen were offering up some very different (and more credible) testimonies from their fellow policemen.

What became undeniably clear was that at the time Noam was supposedly bashing heads (according to the bad cops), he happened to have been already handcuffed and detained.

Can't hold much water in that cup full of holes.

Unfortunately the "Rule of Law" and those related to perjury are pretty meaningless at the moment, though it is nice to know that some cops can tell the truth on the stand, even though apparently most can't.

Two weeks ago I spoke about how Matan Vilnai (to name one Leftist) would like to see more of these false arrests result in jail time for the innocent victims of police brutality and perjury, as opposed to jail time for the cops who are acting illegally.

It's unfortunate that there are so many of these cases (another 2 girls were released at the same time, as they were innocent too).


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