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Wednesday, October 15, 2008
Once again the police violently attacked Jewish residents of the Gilad Farms (Havat Gilad), without cause and as expected without condemnation from the Prime Minister (still Olmert) or the government.

The instigating policeman, masked his identity, (but was subsequently identified as Khaled Hugi Gah) began beating a newlywed husband at the Gilad Farm. When others in the vicinity began to film the incident and attempt to identify the policemen at the the scene, the other policemen began to beat them too.

The latest excuse for this police instigated pogrom is unknown.

“Attorney Orit Struk, representing the Human Rights Organization, sent a letter to Border Police Commander Yisrael Yitzchak demanding that Gah be kept away from contact with civilians and asking him to enforce protocol requiring officers to wear tags with their names and numbers.

Struk pointed out that she was unable to turn to Judea and Samaria Border Police Commander Shlomi Even-Paz for help because he is currently on trial for allegedly destroying evidence of border police officers' violence against civilians in Homesh.”


Anonymous said...


Do you have the web site for ezri?. I would like to make a donation. Are they register in the States ?

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