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Sunday, October 05, 2008
I was looking for something else entirely when I found this information from 1998. It is count of the number of Americans living abroad and in which countries.

(I have not found any more recent data than this - so
please remember that these numbers are from 1998, but it is safe to assume that the ratios have remained relatively the same, even though all the numbers have grown).

As America goes to the polls, certain types of people like to single out Jews living in Israel as not having the right or entitlement to vote (or crying dual loyalty) because they’re Jews living in Israel or maintain dual citizenship. They would prefer to ignore American law as well as the concept of "no taxation without representation".

The problem is that when you single out the 159,000 Jews (10 years later, around 250,000) living overseas, you are ignoring that Jews make up a mere 5% of the population of Americans overseas who have the right to vote.

In 1998 3.3 million American resided permanently abroad (and you can bet that a significant number of them are dual citizens, and that's not counting the dual citizens living in America).

In fact, Israel is hardly the country with the largest expat community. It ranks #4 and well below the larger communities of expats.

  • Canada 683,000
  • Mexico 261,000
  • UK 216,000
  • Israel 159,000
  • Italy 145,000
  • Germany 130,000
  • Phillipines 105,000
  • Australia 89,000
  • Greece 88,000
  • Dominican Republic 82,000
  • Japan 75,000
  • China 68,000
  • France 64,000
  • Spain 59,000

(There's other countries that should be listed here, but I couldn't be bothered).

The number of American living permanently abroad today far outreaches these number and is believed to approach 10,000,000. The number of Americans with dual citizenship is also at an all-time high.

So next time someone singles out American Jews living in Israel (with or without dual citizenship) and says they shouldn’t be allowed to vote (for whatever reason), just remember that they just singled out the Jews who make up a mere 5% of the total number of Americans abroad.

You don't have to call them anti-Semites to their face, but you know they are (and they know they are), especially when they should be going after Americans permanently residing in Canada instead.


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