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Thursday, October 23, 2008
Daniel Pipes has been running a series of articles that are investigating and piecing together the actual biographical history of Obama.

What he has put together is quite interesting.

So while it is a minor note, it seems pretty clear that as a child Obama was raised as a Muslim. But even after 9/11 that doesn't disqualify one to be President.

What is actually worrisome are his second-degree ties to various different Arab organizations with financial ties to radical Islamic groups and individuals.

"That Obama's biography touches so frequently on such unsavory organizations as CAIR and the Nation of Islam should give pause. How many of politicians have a single tie to either group, much less seven of them?"

Here is the article.

Here is a photo of Obama's elementary school record listing him as a Muslim

Here is a list of Pipes articles on Obama's history.


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