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Friday, October 17, 2008
Remember when Sderot and the Negev were under constant, overwhelming attack, rather than the more sporadic attacks they are under now?

Remember how the Left loved to say how there were rocket attacks from Gaza before the Expulsion (they used the word Disengagement), and so it’s no different than the attacks afterwards?

I was doing some research and learned something interesting.

Of the 24 people in Israel that have died from Gazan rocket attacks in the past 8 years, approximately 17 of them were in the 3 years since the Expulsion.

Of the 1010 people that have been injured from Gazan rocket attacks in the past 8 years, approximately 832 of them were in the 3 years since the Expulsion.

In the past 6 years, of the 8477 rocket attacks from Gaza, approximately 6357 of them were in the 3 years since the Expulsion.

Ratios like these remind of the numbers before and after Oslo.

Meanwhile, the number of Israelis killed by terrorists has already exceeded last year’s numbers.

What I’m really curious about is how many Palestinians have the Palestinians killed, as it relates to my post at the end of last year correlating foreign aid to Palestinian homicides. I’ll let you know when I find it out.


Elder of Ziyon said...

I have been following that statistic, and the numbers are far down this year compared to last.

So far 199 PalArabs killed by each other this year compared to 618 all last year.

Unknown said...


I have been wondering how strange it is that we have a sudden news black-out on the rockets falling on Sderot.

What happened? Are they still falling, or have they, miraculously, stopped while the government is trying to give away Judea and Samaria???

It's a bit spooky to me. Am I alone in this??

Anonymous said...

EoZ: I guess that either (1) the PalArabs are in for a big internecine war within the next few months, (2) far more have been killed in Gaza than has been reported, or (3) that theory has gone kaput.

MN: It's not a news blackout. Until the ceasefire in which we are allowing the Gazans to rearm and make headway in Yesh, they were launching up to dozens of rockets a day, now they are just launching that amount a month - so it simply isn't newsworthy.

Anonymous said...

Interesting news today. The Hamas built tunnel in Hebron that was handed over to the IDF by the Fatah PA was empty.

It turns out it wasn't empty. IDF sources indicate that it was originally full of heavy weapons and explosives.

Simply the Fatah PA confiscated all the weapons from the Hamas tunnel before they told the IDF that it existed.

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