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Saturday, October 11, 2008
You won't be reading this in the Lefty papers, but T"G for Arutz-7.

Yitzhar security forces called in the IDF after seeing a group of Arabs approaching their town.

The IDF caught this group of Arabs red-handed as they were violently destroying their fellow Arab's Olive trees. They had planned to blame us Settlers for the damage.

Long-time readers of this blog have seen the hidden camera footage of Arabs destroying (and an Israeli leftist has even been caught with a saw) their own olive trees to blame it on the Jews, so news of this capture doesn't surprise us, nor that it won't be mentioned in the Israeli mainstream media.


Anonymous said...

The JP picked up the story, even if they have been leaning left lately.

Leah Goodman said...

You expect so much... truth, honesty...

Next you'll be asking for integrity from politicians!

Anonymous said...

integrity from politicians

Subject of an upcoming post!

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