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Thursday, October 02, 2008
Oh come on, this is just getting ridiculous.

Olmert's latest last week is that Israel will give up the Golan Heights.

What is this? Is it a fire sale? Going out of business? Does he think the Left will somehow let up, and he'll manage to hang on as PM for longer? Has his wife totally warped his brain? Has he given up and lost everything, and therefore assumes the rest of the country should follow suit.

The real question is how much longer until new elections so we can get these clowns unscrewed from their seats.


Leah Goodman said...

Times like this remind me of a quote from a famous right-wing extremist...

"לא יעלה על הדעת לרדת מרמת הגולן. מי שיעלה על הדעת לרדת מרמת הגולן יפקיר, יפקיר את ביטחון ישראל."

"It cannot come to mind to leave the Golan Heights. The one who would bring up the idea of leaving the Golan Heights forsakes the safety of Israel"

(I hope/assume you know whose quote this is)

Anonymous said...

That was Rabin, but what is more funny is that the Olmert said something quite similar just 2 years ago, when he said that Israel will never leave the Golan while he is PM.

Words, just words.

Leah Goodman said...

It basically just proves that the whole political system has moved insanely left.

It used to be radical left to say anything about dismantling even one settlement without a full agreement, and then Kadima decided to call it centrist...

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