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Saturday, October 04, 2008
After reading this weekend's papers I've come to the conclusion that the Sternhell attack was a setup.

Besides that no one on the Right really cares about this guy (unless he's being giving another Israel prize) the Left's reactions have been so over the top and so in line with the current agenda to smear the settlers and the Right, that it was too opportune and too ridiculous.

And come on, he was "nearly killed"?!

From the pictures, it looks like the damage made by a "bomb" was the size of a large firecracker, not something that would kill. (And if it wasn't the Shabak or the Left that planted it, it is from that crazy guy trying to frame the RealRight website owner, which no one but Makor Rishon has bothered to write about).

What's annoys me more is how the papers minimized the attack in Yitzhar. Even this weekend one paper wrote that the boy only needed a "few stitches". Well, that's a few stitches more than Sternhell needed (none).

Jackie Levy got it right this weekend when he wrote:

"Something about the automatic responses to the attack on Professor Ze’ev Sternhell was too loud, too generalizing, and too theatrical in the negative sense of the word. In short, there was something about the reactions of leftists such as Zahava Gal-On, Haim Oron, and Peace Now members that insisted on turning them into a caricature."

As a settler
, and knowing some of the people and places being names in the articles, I can honestly say that there is way too much emphasis being placed on hearsay and Arab inventions rather than hard facts, much less the truth (after all, truth shouldn't get in the way of the agenda) - the story of the Shepherd and the fabricated settler human hunters being a perfect example.

I'm debating whether to cut off all left-of-center papers this week in protest to this early start to what is clearly the beginning of RabinFest.


Anonymous said...

You won't be reading (in the Leftist papers) about the Yitzhar (and other) Settlers being released after their arrests to have been determined to be illegal and baseless.

Anonymous said...

You should read Steve Plaut on the the subject.

He's got a lot of great lines.

*We believe that political street violence in Israel must be fought as if there were no plague of leftist academic sedition, and that the plague of leftist academic sedition must be fought as if there were no political street violence in Israel.

* Sternhell's political outlook and opinions were repugnant before the attack and did not become any less repugnant because of the attack.

* Radical Leftist sedition does not become legitimized because of the attack on Sternhell, no matter who carried it out.

* Critics of the radical Left do not become delegitimized because of the attack on Sternhell, no matter who carried it out.

* Critics of Prof. Sternhell's opinions have as much right to express their criticisms as Sternhell himself has to express his.

Anonymous said...

The real story (in Hebrew)!

Risa Tzohar said...

It's probably better for your health not to read any newspapers (maybe except for B'sheva and Makor Rishon) until Chanuaka. By then the Rabinfest should be fizzling out.

Anonymous said...

I wanna sectarian revolution that cannot be taken behind the tyres of the lynching. Is that possible? Is there a way that he won't hug him up, blud, if you know what I'm referring to? I am so sick of this unilateral one-horse town taking out their impotence on Joe and Josephina Settler. I am ready to bring the ruckus; raw I'm a give it to ya, with no trivia - you know the rest. A layban on you all.

Anonymous said...

It's not rabinfest. Its about demonizing the settlers ahead of the elections, so they can look good to their electorate.

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