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Monday, October 06, 2008
Bibi Netanyahu was attacked by Uber-leftists Yair Lapid on a TV interview the other day.

Lapid was upset that the Israeli market lost NIS$40 Billion in the past few days, and blames it on Bibi for opening up the markets so Israelis could include foreign companies in their porfolios and pensions.

Since 2003, Lapid wasn't upset when his portfolio and pension was invested in US companies and he was making a handsome profit. I don't recall him inviting Bibi onto his show, and thanking Bibi for allowing his mother's pension to profit as part of the global economy.

But now that it had a loss, Bibi was to blame.

That's quite pathetic Yair, why don't you go to a socialist Kibbutz and whine there.

(What? The socialist Kibbutz system utterly collapsed and had to be bailed out at the Israeli taxpayers expense, and now they are turned capitalists. Hmm.)


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