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Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Already articles are coming out that are saying that Chief of Staff Lt. General Gabi Ashkenazi who is currently visiting in the US is getting the cold shoulder. A very cold shoulder.

The Obama adminstration is looking in different directions than the long-term existence, survival and security of Israel.

Certainly Iran is not a primary concern.

Nope, Obama and Co. only care about creating another terrorist state of Palestine.

Israel really needs to start looking for means of self-sufficiency (military, energy, etc.) to get us past the upcoming term or two of animosity/hatred unleashed.

It's going to be a rough ride, and I hope Netanyahu is really up for the job.


Anonymous said...


Obama, if he swings into Dubya's agenda, would mean he was blind. And, didn't see the costs involved.

Here's what you need to know. In AMerica elections are now very close. (Given that all you need is a little more than 50% of the vote, to win EVERYTHING), it could seem to you "the stakes are not that high."

However, a miscalculation that costs Obama FLORIDA, in 2012, could mean he loses. Just like Gore did, in 2000.

I still think there's a trick at play. And, Obama will come out after things look worse; to course-correct Dubya's "achievements."

Alas, no one knows the future, until it happens.

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