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Monday, March 02, 2009
Once upon a time Shimon Peres used to threaten us that the Oslo Process was irreversible.

Certainly much of the damage he did was (and is) irreversible, but the process itself is still reversible.

Peace Now is warning that if the plans on the table to increase the size of the settlements goes into effect then a Palestinian state won't be possible.

Excellent news.

Of course, all the Leftists like to say, "and what about all the Arabs?".

I will reply with one of Moshe Feiglin's intelligent insights.

If all the money Israel wasted on walls, fences, security, catching terrorists (and then releasing them, and capturing them again) had been spent in buying and setting up very comfortable new lives (in other countries) for our Arab neighbors, there would now be no internal Arab threat to Israel anymore.

Now that's a logical Peace plan that would work.


Anonymous said...


LOng before Oslo, Eisenhower put a State Department in motion, that was unhappy with Israel. And, only happy with the saud's and their oil. And,yes. The Shah in Iran, and his oil. (Jimmy Carter lost Iran.)

Nixon, Ford, Carter, James Baker under Reagan, and then both Bushes, ALL favored the Saud's. The Clintoon's too, found Saud money flush in their pockets.

And all the arabs have convinced these clowns to punish Israel for winning the wars the arabs lost!

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