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Friday, March 13, 2009
It's about time Katzaleh started playing some hardball.

Until now, Bibi has been seriously dissing Ichud Leumi, and not exactly treating Bayit Yehudi much better. Even going as far as planning to keep IL out of the government! After all, Bibi assumed that Bayit Yehudi was in his pocket, so he can get away with it - and without having to give them the Education ministry.

But Katzaleh and Hershkowitz have decided to unite and conquor.

With Livni, Kadima, and Labor currently out of the picture, it turns out that Bibi simply can't form a coalition without either IL or BY.

To prevent Bibi playing one off the other, both parties have made it clear they will be watching out for the interests of the other.

Suddenly, Lieberman isn't the only game in town that Bibi has to appease. The difference is (and what makes this funny), is that it wouldn't have come to this if Bibi hadn't dissed both of them in the first place the way he did.

If Bibi doesn't start trying to work with them, then its no difference than if Lieberman refuses to join.

Of course Lieberman and Shas can still join with Kadima and Avodah, but will their voters ever forgive them for such an act of pure betrayal?

And some Kadima MKs can still quit as a group and join the Likud, but does a super-weakened Bibi really want to negotiate with them?

Nope, Bibi again painted himself into a corner.

When will we have some real leadership in this country?


Anonymous said...


New elections in six months?

It seems Bibi is willing to have just 61 ministers in his government. So some '4' are out, no?

And, Livni is sitting tight. So, too, is Ehud Barak's crew.

But the next time around, how will the parties do? Bibi can't afford another short fall.

And, he will have some sort of "caretaker" arrangement in place. (Something Livni was unable to do last November.)

I think Bibi also expects a "hot" situation to unfold.

In other words? EVENTS THEMSELVES, force issues. But in politics, it's hardball. And, strategy.

And, Bibi just pushed Silvan Shalom down a peg or two, as well.

And, then? IF Katsav is vindicated in court? (Or can the court go into "show trial" mode?) Both bad outcomes for the court.

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