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Monday, March 30, 2009
If only the issue was that the secular Neturei Karta - the left wing of Israel, wanted a fair division of burden in Israel, then at least I could understand their calls to draft Chareidi Jews into the army.

But unfortunately that isn't the case, after all, can the far left really expect the Chareidi populace to join the armed forces, while completely and utterly not only disregarding their needs, but attempting to force secular coercion down their throats?

I mean, it would certainly appear to the Chareidim that the goal is not to share the military burden, but to inculcate their youth with non-Jewish values (to say the least).

And they would be right.

Let's ignore for a minute the self-righteous left wing attacks against the IDF Rabbinate and IDF Chief Rabbi Ronsky (a former Special Forces officer) for daring to provide Jewish motivations to our Jewish soldiers in a Jewish army during the war.

Let's instead look at the recent attacks on the religious Ben"nish (Bnei Yeshiva) soldiers.

Recently, the IDF provided musical entertainment to various units in the form of secular singers and music.

The religious soldiers, yeshiva students all, stepped out of the show for the female singers, feeling that it was religiously inappropriate for them to be there.

And the Left blasted them.

No one thought, from the IDF entertainment manager, to the far left kvetchers, that maybe the venue was inappropriate for religious soldiers, instead they attacked religious soldiers for not participating in their party.

Is it any wonder the Chareidi citizen doesn't want any part of the army if all they see are attempts at secular coercion and hypocrisy?

(Oh, and if you are thinking of responding by discussing Chareidi motivations for not joining - don't. The point of this post is the demand for Chareidim to join the IDF, but then using the army as a club in an overt attempt at secular coercion as well as attacking the religious in the army because they won't conform to the secular's mores).


Daniel said...


Daniel said...

you could also add that not only are the 1 milion secular yordim not serving , but numbers show an ever increasing deferral rate among Israel living seculars.

Lady-Light said...

I am all for Chareidim joining the IDF and serving to protect their country. There already are Chareidi units which are very successful.
I just read an article on Arutz Sheva about renovations being made at the main officer's training base, to accomodate frum families of frum soldiers. They are also adding separate swimming times for men and women (they are re-activating their pool, which hadn't been used for a while).

So, it's not that the army is trying to influence dati soldiers to secular ways; just that they are unaware of the halacha, or haven't thought of putting in halachically permitted entertainment.

Quite the contrary, I think it's VERY important for datiim to serve (including Chareidim); it sets a wonderful example for the hilonim.

According to that article, 25% of IDF soldiers (training to be officers) are dati.
How about that?!

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