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Tuesday, March 03, 2009
Lieberman ran his campaign under the slogan, that "Only Lieberman understands Arabic".

The dupes that voted for him, thought he meant that he knew how to deal with Arab enemy. Now they are beginning to understand that Lieberman really does understand Arabic, but he meant something else.

The Arabs say they want another Arab State on this side of the Jordan, and Lieberman understands them and hopes to oblige them.

Meanwhile, it was when Ichud Leumi MK Michael Ben-Ari got up to speak at the Knesset for the first time (kudos to anyone who knows what the subject was, and what the first bill he is introducing is) when all the Arab MK walked out.

It seems that Ben-Ari understand Arabic far better than Lieberman does.

In response to the walkout Ben-Ari said, "I am very pleased that the fifth column walked out during my speech. I hope it's a sign for the future and that soon we will see them walking out of Israel's Knesset."


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