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Sunday, March 29, 2009
This goes beyond entrapment. This new police tactic is simply dangerous.

As you may recall, 2 policemen were killed 2 weeks ago by terrorists when they went to assist a car pulled over at the side of the road that appeared to be in need of assistance.

In turned out to be an Arab ambush.

Last Thursday at the Havat Gilad farm in the Shomron a car with Arab license plates pulled into the perimeter of the farm. Jews in the area noticed something was wrong, because while the Arabs appeared to be changing their tires, they had no flat tires that needed changing.

Some people on the farm assumed it was an ambush being set up.

Some of the Jewish residents went over to check out the Arab car when a fight ensued and the "Arabs" came out throwing tear gas at everybody in the area, and attacking people.

It turns out the "Arabs" were Israeli police in disguise,trying to ambush the Jewish residents. They beat them and then arrested the Jewish residents.

This event was so obvious an attempt to entrap the Jewish residents that on Friday, even Kfar Saba Magistrates Court Judge David Gadol voiced strong criticism of the police, and ordered the immediate release of the detainees.

The judge added:
“For the police to again endanger its men in this way” is unacceptable, the judge said. He noted that the entire incident was an unreasonable provocation in order to create an artificial incident of violence, and was irresponsible from a security standpoint. “The police were liable to have been considered terrorists,” Judge Gadol said, adding that the police request for extension of custody was “unreasonable and disproportionate.”

Of course, the Left-wing media reported all this as settler violence.

It's time somewhat put the police house in order.


Anonymous said...


What do you expect? The police went after Katsav (who raped no one!) Because he held a prime seat, that was prepared for Shimon Peres.

They've also gone after Olmert; since he was considered "too dangerous" to be prime minister.

And, up ahead? They'll try, again, with Lieberman.

HOWEVER, the good that can now come from this? All this issue needs is a TIPPING POINT! Those policemen are lucky to be alive!

How one will deal with "curiosity" in the future, I have no idea. But should a cop need help? He doesn't have to ring doorbells on people who already know the score.

The left is really losing it!

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. What was the objective here? Why'd the police go to the trouble of getting the Arab license plates and putting themselves in danger? Was there a point?

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