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Sunday, March 08, 2009
At least someone in the government has what it takes to say what is needed and when it is needed (even though pressure afterwords may (or may not) have forced him to somewhat recant).

As we all know, the Arabs do massive amounts of illegal construction in Jerusalem in order to Arabize the city, and the Jerusalem municipality is trying to fight these illegal expansions, outposts, and settlements, in part by tearing down these illegally built constructs.

The Obama-Clinton administration stuck their noses in the middle and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat said it like it needed to be said:

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat claimed that Clinton had been misled by the Palestinians. "I totally reject the criticism [of destroying the illegally built buildings]," Barkat said. "It is a lot of air. There is no substance. Maybe it is because there is a new administration in the States. I am not willing to say the houses will remain houses. It is the wrong signal to send to people who break the law."

The US Embassy in Jerusalem Tel Aviv complained to the Prime Minister (would that be Olmert still?) saying that Barkat insulted Clinton, and then the Prime Minister's office then offered a retractions saying that Barkat didn't mean that Clinton was being criticized, only the Arabs that were feeding her false information which she accepted as gospel.


LB said...

I wonder if this will even warrant more than a post-it on someone's desk at the State Dept.

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