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Thursday, March 26, 2009
The comment you won’t see posted on the Manhigut Yehudit site.

Dear Moshe,

I know I tried to kick you out of the party and prevented you from entering the Knesset, but I owe you a much bigger thank you than I do the National Union.

You see, even after I kicked you out, you still worked tirelessly and naively to increase the size of my party, the Likud party, for me at the expense of the National Union and Bayit Yehudi.

In fact, the party which received the most votes in Judea and Samaria went to me, the Likud - all because of you and your efforts.

You gift-wrapped those religious and right-wing voters for me.

What better present could I ask from anybody?

Moshe, you personally prevented me from having to negotiate with a strong right wing and having to deal with their positions.

I know you think the National Union is hypocritical for endorsing me as Prime Minister and wanting to be in the coalition, but if I had kept you in seat 20, you would also be calling me your Prime Minister and sitting in my coalition. As another famous Likud leader said, things look different from here than there.

I know you think you opposed me, but all you did is strengthen me to be in the position to do what I wanted to do. I’m laughing my head off, because all I continue to do is spit on you, and all you had to do was keep your mouth shut and not, so convincingly, tell your fellow right-wingers to vote Likud.

I know you imagine you are forming a formidable opposition against me in the Likud, but Moshe, how many Likud MKs were not afraid to be seen with you in public at your conventions and other events before the elections?

How many now have been publicly seen with you since, while I hold the keys to their ministerial positions?

So thank you Moshe for working so tirelessly in pulling away votes from the right wing parties and giving them to me, Bibi Netanyahu, oh, and to the Likud party.

Thanks to you, I have no opposition and all of my plans should move very quickly. Let’s drink a L’Chaim at the upcoming Knesset Pesach party - oops, sorry, you're not invited. I could have never done it without you.


Benjamin Netanyahu.


Anonymous said...


Believe it or not, there's a big difference between the CENTER, and the right. The CENTER is MAINSTREAM. No delusions.

Bibi has been planning to become prime-minister since Talansky came to town and fired the shots that basically "took out Olmert."

Now? It seems Livni's miscalculated. Because she's kept Kadima at bay (not knowing IF Labor could get itself into Bibi's government). And, she said to her cohorts: Bibi fails within one year's time. (Over the budget.)

Bibi's already said the "budget subject" will occur every TWO years.

So far, every step of the way, things are working out for Bibi. Yes, on the right, he has enemies. They'll probably be shuffled to the side. While Livni will do all she can "to bring down Bibi's government.

What went to Livni's head? 28,000 more voters, who voted for Kadima; than who voted for Likud. And, the more the right fusses about; the better Livni's chances of destroying Bibi, becomes.

Lieberman, meanwhile, waits for the lawyers to do their sham-charges; to see if he can be brought down.

It's an insane system. But surviving it? Takes a lot of talent. I wouldn't bet that Livni wins, either.

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