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Sunday, March 22, 2009
Yup, Haaretz is on the warpath. Nope, not about the rumors (coming from the left-leaning Yitzchak Rabin Military Academy which ingrains a certain political agenda in their graduates) of IDF atrocities in Gaza (you know, vandalism, nasty graffiti, and targeting civilians), but more importantly, because of (what they deem) tasteless, aggressive, offensive and anti-Arab t-shirts.

Purple Parrot won't be surprised to learn that I also have my own t-shirts, and that I have no problem with these shirts either.

They all depict the soldiers killing the ENEMY. And if it isn't clear enough, the enemy is quite often ARMED - including the little boy with the gun and the pregnant woman with the grenade and AK-47.

That the enemy sends children and pregnant women to attack Jews is a problem with the Arab enemy - not with us.

Female suicide bomber Reem al-Riyashi (Hamas and Al-Asqa-Fatah) with a child holding a shell.

Is it in bad taste in politically correct, civil company? You bet.

But these guys are soldiers, and their job is to KILL to defend us - and you know what, to be proud of it when they do a good job - even if the job is forced on them by the enemy - and even if the enemy isn't the stereotypical battle-scarred terrorist, because a significant number of the terrorists sent to attack us don't look the part.

Seriously, what is offensive with the phrase, "We won't be still until we confirm the kill."

Is the problem because confirming your kill might be illegal according to international law, or that it simply makes good military sense and thus sends a message of politically incorrect self defense violence?

The fact is, unlike what Ha'aretz wants to believe (or have you believe), the IDF does not go around targeting innocent civilians. That is what the Arabs do (like they tried to do today at the Haifa Mall).

And not only is there no shame in killing your enemy, in fact in general it makes you a hero for saving Jewish lives.

Should the soldiers be guilt-burdened if they are forced to kill a child. No again.

They should only be bothered by the fact that Arab society has dropped so far down on the barbarity scale that they proudly send women and children to commit mass murder and acts of genocide.

So if these guys want to express themselves by making t-shirts that depict themselves neutralizing enemy targets who are coming to kill us, then who cares.

It's a variation of Gallows Humor and it is a valid way for them to deal with the very difficult job they have against a very evil enemy, while trying to keep the rest of us safe and alive.

A t-shirt is a long way off (and not even in the same direction) as a Kassam rocket launched at a kindergarten, a suicide bomber at a Pesach Seder, or a car bomb in a Haifa shopping mall.

It does not make the IDF or IDF soldiers immoral, just politically incorrect, and who cares what the Lefties of the world think. They hate us either way.


Anonymous said...

Q: "How can you shoot at women and children?"

A: "Easy. You just don't lead them so much."

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