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Monday, March 09, 2009
One more reason to boycott Israel completely.

Israeli scientist Dr. Shimon Slavin has found a cure for the "Bubble Boy" disease, a genetic disorder of the immune system. It has so far cured 8 out of the 10 children with the disease.

In fact, one of the first patients he cured was an Arab girl from East Jerusalem. Add Apartheid to the list.

In other boycott news, Radio Israel interviewer Aryeh Golan asked Ichud Leumi MK Michael Ben-Ari what it's like to be a Kahanist.

Perhaps in the first step in a campaign to get him thrown out of the Knesset?

MK Ben-Ari pointed out that Golan had been photographed wearing a peace sticker at a peace rally, implying that this "unbiased" interviewer has an agenda as a peace activist.

Golan called him a liar and that he isn't a peace activist and ended the interview.

Here is the picture of Golan with radical Leftist Uri Avnery.

Golan claims Avnery put it on him during an interview.


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