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Friday, March 20, 2009
One of my kids is into the human body. He takes every opportunity to tell us he has bones in his fingers, that there is blood in his body, and when he sees a pirate flag, he tells us he has a skull in his head too. And don't get him started, because when he sees a skeleton in a book...

Anyway, there is a new exhibit in Haifa's science museum.

It's the controversial traveling exhibit of all the plastinated dead people.

I won't deny it, I was thinking of taking him to see it. On one hand I know he would find it completely fascinating, on the other hand I was concerned that at his age he might also be horribly frightened.

The third point (uh oh, which hand is that?) is the religious issue.

There is a serious issue of "dishonoring the dead" that goes along with this exhibit. While I figured that for educational purposes perhaps we could go, I'm not sure how strong that argument is, even those these people agreed to participate in it before they died.

The truth is, I find the display of mummy bones in museums to be utterly barbaric and insensitive. These ancient Egyptians (and other peoples) didn't plan or consent to be shown like that, and I think it is a complete violation of human dignity (everyone's) to display them like that.

I think we'll just stick to the dinosaurs bones.


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