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Sunday, March 15, 2009
We still don't know if the Ichud Leumi party is in the coalition, but the party has made headway in an important area for the religious public.

Until now, government budgets for Yeshivas (all of them, from Hareidi to Hesder) were a bit of mess (to understate the issues).

The lack of an organized budget always lead to bickering, fighting and horsetrading - and of course nasty media articles attacking the Yeshiva for "taking more than their share" (even though they weren't).

The National Union demanded as part of their coalition demands that the Yeshiva budget be formalized as part of the national budget, just like other educational payments and the like. This would mean that payments would be on time and the amounts would be clearly earmarked.

This solution would remove a lot of the problems that existed previously (mentioned above).

The Likud agreed to this proposal.


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