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Monday, March 02, 2009
As you know, the world for some strange reason is obsessed with dumping good money after bad into Gaza and the Arabs of the PA. I’m sure they think they have their reasons.

Netanyahu criticized these countries lately when he said they should hold off pouring their money down the drain, at least until Hamas (the recognized Government of Palestine) stops shooting at Israel.

Something the world ignores.

Of course, since the Israeli government also transfers money to Gaza, I find that statement somewhat hypocritical.

More intelligent voices have noted that it is all this aid that perpetuates Arab terror.

After all, these Arabs don’t need to create a civilized country or a productive economy to have a positive cash flow (like the rest of the civilized world does), just an anti-Israel country.

If they don’t have to actually build, educate (positively), construct, or be civilized to continue to get money (not to mention water and electricity) – why would they want to change their ways?

But let’s take it a little further.

Maybe it’s time these countries took things a bit farther, including Israel.

Perhaps the “Palestinians” should be made complete wards of the world, and not be given any money whatsoever to play with.

As it stands right now, the Israeli tax payer loses millions of shekels every month to the PA as the PA doesn’t pay any of its bills.

They don’t pay their water bills, they don’t pay their electric bills, the private vendors foolish enough to have done business with PA residents and the PA found themselves ripped off.

Instead of giving the money to PA, it’s time that Israeli service vendors got paid first - directly.

But more than that.

There is no reason for any money to go into the PA at all. Bring in more UN services. Provide them with everything from construction, food, private chef services, garbage collection, and whatever else you can imagine.

There is no hope that Palestinian society will ever be a healthy one. Treat them as they really are, and fully turn them into Wards of the World incapable of joining civilized society.

Of course, the downside is that experience teaches us that this will just give them more time to plot terrorism.


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