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Monday, February 23, 2009
Well, if there are any lessons to be learned from these elections, it’s that it is a mistake to vote Likud, and it is a mistake to vote for any “Right wing” party where the source of their political positions is not derived from Judaic values.

Obviously we all should have learned that from Sharon, but for some, the lessons don’t come easy.

Here we have a potential RW coalition and the Likud is doing everything it can to avoid it.

Bibi’s latest comment seems to indicate that he plans some serious economic measures that Shas won’t be able to abide by, so he will need support from a LW party like Kadima.

Yet, why can’t he treat Shas with a little respect and see about working with them to implement his plan, as opposed to simply assuming they will oppose it (which may be true, but we don’t know that). Perhaps his plan is needed, but it can be tempered so that the weakest sectors don’t get hurt the most, and perhaps only Shas can point that out to him.

And on the other side of course, it is clear that Lieberman can swing both ways to if he wants. And his political plans would take us back to the Partition Plan, and that was a bad plan 61 years ago too.

In short, the only parties with any values are the religious RW parties, and most specifically Ichud Leumi – and unfortunately they may find themselves not in Bibi’s far Left coalition.

If only more voters had voted intelligently and ignored the calls for strengthening the Likud (because of the Lieberman threat), or supported Lieberman because they were duped into thinking he was actually a right winger.

That would have ensured a real RW coalition.

Hopefully the voters will learn by the next elections.


Anonymous said...


From this distance, here in America, all I see are games.

I know "someone" spoke to the Ha'aretz correspondent Shavits. Just before the elections. And, said: "Livni's weak." It was a real hit piece! Shavits won't say whose voice he recorded, but in my book? Olmert's.

Just as now Olmert is going after Ehud Barak's accomplishments; by forcing Gilad, of the IDF, to the sidelines. (Not that it's a bad idea! Shalit should come first!)

But what you see are nothing but games!

The GOP also has this "element." It's heavy duty extremism. And, it contains "pro-lifers" who scream murderers at anyone trying to have a conversation saying "Prohibition" always fails.

Then, you have the "creationists." Who aren't happy with science. They want the Book of Genesis to substitute. And, they don't care what happens to the GOP! Anyone not like them is a RINO. (It's a good way to sit in a minority position. Even when your opposition is weak!)

Why the games?

First off, Kadima, under Livni is weak. And, she's stubborn. Back in November, when she couldn't come up with a government, she said "she'd go to elections rather than being blackmailed." Now? She says the left, which was left for dead, got to put their votes in her pocket. Instead. (While Olmert, as I've just said, is doing everything possible to KEEP Ehud Barak in the opposition. Or? Maybe, he knows that Barak gets tossed, so things could get worse?)


Bibi, I think, is doing a strategy very similar to the one Yossi Sarid pointed to the other day. He said: "Don't look at Livni! Look, at Dahlia Itzik. She sits in Seat #2, ONLY BECAUSE Shimon Peres wouldn't come into Kadima without her. And, even though Arik Sharon hated her guts, he took her as the price to have "him."

You want politics without GAMES? WHY?

Anyway, do look at Itzik. Figure out that if 10 members of Kadima EXIT, and return to Likud; that's KOSHER. And, in such a move? Itzik will be speaker of the next Knesset. And, Mofaz will get the Defense portfolio.

What about YVET? (Back in 1996, when Bibi was prime minister, it was said Avigdor Lieberman was the brightest and best. And, knew "how to get things done," in the political asylum.

What if Yvet is offered the Foreign portfolio? The one Livni sits on, and has to give up?

How long does Bibi have? If this was the "game plan" it pays for him to stretch this out for at least a month. So that it lets the other parties start showing where the seams split.

No. I don't know! I'm not a gypsy!

I do know, however, that UNITY is something you see when an army wants to function. And, this is true, too, for a working government.

You may think you see unity, now, in America, but you don't. You just see what Dubya left; which is a total disaster. And, you see a very restive population. In other words? Obama can make mistakes. He may make one, ahead, at Durbin II. Where if he goes along with those creeps he learned nothing as a Black man! Could be a typical problem? But you can lose ground!

It's only an American game, done for the sauds, that says "when Jews gain ground they must take all the steps, necessary, to get back to square one."

Ya know what? A lot of American reputations have gone down the crapper on this one4!

All that prevents you from see this clearly are the nut-jobs that hold onto "pro-life" and "creationist" agendas. And, they're MINORITY PLAYERS!

Israel will survive this.

Anonymous said...

You are a wise man JoeSettler. I actually wrote the same thing a week or two ago.

I knew Bibi would pull his old self out again... he doesn't change. Any leader who doesn't put the fear of Hashem first is not fit to lead a Jew nation.

If you don't believe that we have a special covenant with the Creator of the universe, then your policies and actions are doomed to fail. We are a separate people, and we are tied to the land with our soul... and any leader who fears American opinion over the will of Hashem cannot understand such a concept.

Anonymous said...


Comments from America. By now you've probably heard that Obama is going to Durbin II. And, that according to Little Green Footballs, the State Department LIED that it tried to sway the committee from calling Israel racist. Did nothing of the sort!

Also ahead, Obama just asked Congress for a Billion dollars so gaza can rebuild. Does this fly?

Congress is the PURSE. No matter what amount of money the president ask for, he still has to send his request to Congress.

I mention this only because information about the next government isn't in "static waters." But comes when there's a realization something is going on in America that may turn out to be a disaster for Obama. Or not.

There's an interesting book I'm reading now. Written by a Jewish American, who served in the State Department, for 3 presidents, by now. And, he worked with James Baker during much of the process where "blaming Israel" took real shape. His name is Aaron David Miller. His book is called "The Much Too Promised Land."

Sure. You take a lot of this stuff with a grain of salt. But I'm up to page 285. Barak. And, the end of Bill Clinton's administration. Barak talks Bill into "switching tracks." From the Palestinians. To the Syrians.

And, it dawned on me that Barak (unlike Arik Sharon)! Was a man who operated alone. And, who much prefers secrecy. And, "small operations." Controlled in ways that are similar to Mossad's operations.

Now, I've gotta tell ya, I don't think Ehud Barak was ever impressed with Livni.

No. I can't figure out what's going on with Amos Gilad. And, yes, it could be something Olmert "just feels." But I can't imagine any prime minister thinking it's okay for a civil servant to go to the press! (So, behind the scenes? This whole thing can read like something else, entirely.)

My guess is that Livni's light "fades." But not Kadima's. And, this is also true with Ehud Barak. Believe it or not, I think even in Labor, with so few seats, "something" could spritz out. Meaning? Shimon Peres wasn't the only one to fly towards Kadima. It's a "mixed group" player set. And, Likud could end up with ten Kadima "returnees." As well as 1/3 of Labor, as currently concocted.

I can't yet "read" Obama. It would be so stupid to go against Israel! He'd be daring the very party that has always held out hands to rescue Israel!

As to Rahm Emanuel. Yes. He helped Obama get elected. Just as, in 2005, Pelosi hired him to take over the Democratic Congressional Committee. People screamed and yelled! But he didn't want Lefist candidates!

As a matter of fact, Kerstin Gilliband, who got Hillary's seat, was a personal pick of Rahm Emanuel's. Because he was looking to pick up "non-committed" voters; so they'd leave the GOP's candidates behind.

I know I'm taking up bandwith. I hope you find the information helpful. And, here, I'd like to tell you about Rahm Emanuel. He was born in the USA. The middle brother of Benjamin and Marsha Emanuel. And, all three men are famous, today. And, successful.

Benjamin was born in Jerusalem. Back in the 1920's. Benjamin was the second son. His older brother, EMANUEL, was killed by the arabs. In 1936. And, to honor his dead brother, Benjamin changed his family name from Auerbach, to EMANUEL.

What's going on?

High risk business.

I hope Livni is left out, because I don't think the ministers trust her. (In other words? Yes, Olmert said she stabbed him in the back. So, no one feels comfortable with her.) But things need "a little more rope" ... before you can see "what's hanging there." And, one of the things most generals and poker players learn, is that you MUST keep your cards to yourself. As others just keep throwing more money into the pot!

No, I don't think a "right wing" government works. There's just too much hostility out there; around the world, for a right wing government to survive.

While I think Barak "played" with Clinton. Interested him in the "impossible" Syria track. While everything just got held up. And, Clinton didn't win the Nobel Prize. (But everyone still remembers Monica.)

In politics you've got to work with what you've got!

From Rahm Emanuel's background, I'm not surprised that he's a democrat! It's his party, too.

And, by letting Obama place "low" in terms of satisfaction? It just means that at some point he can do better; with a terrible economy at home. And, Iraq now all but lost. Since Maliki never did like Dubya. And, Iran and Irak have set aside differences, to gain powers for Shi'a. Which isn't what the saud's wanted at all.

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