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Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Moral clarity is such a rare event, that when it appears on that rare occasion it shines even brighter.

As part of the Arab Boycott of Israel, the United Arab Emirates have refused to allow the entry of the Israeli tennis plater Shahar Pe’er (ranked #45) into their country for the Dubai Women’s Tennis Tournament (as well as Andy Ram in the upcoming Men’s tournament).

In response, a number of US companies and organizations have taken decisive steps to protest and fight this decision.

While the Women's Tennis Association (WTA), and Chairman Larry Scott’s weak response didn’t shine particularly bright, others have.

The Wall Street Journal has pulled their sponsorship from the men’s tournament.

The Tennis Channel (in the US) has announced they won’t broadcast the event.

Two bright examples of moral clarity. Good for them.

If only the rest of the world showed such moral clarity.

Which reminds me, don’t ship the cancer detection units to Dubai.


Rafi G. said...

no tennis players have backed her up by pulling out in protest. is that too much to expect?

Jehoshaphat said...

'Moral clarity' is a bit too generous a description. Jewish organizations in the US have started an all out email, fax, phone call campaign threatening these organizations with boycott etc.

I have gotten several emails from friends in the US asking me to participate.

Anonymous said...

"'Scott told the Times that Peer's family cautioned against cancelling the tournament this year in order not to harm other players. Scott said. "We talked to our players and told them that something terrible has happened here, but every single one would be punished if we were to cancel.'"

Peers family shows a depth of caring and concern for others.

Anonymous said...


Dubai is going down the crapper. The "island paradise" they built is sinking. And, foreign workers, tasked with driving the "dump trucks" of waste out into the dessert, stopped instead, and thru it down clean water pipes. Until sewage oozed into their "paradise" floating island.

The NY Times is also running a piece that says foreign workers who are fired have one month to leave. So they leave their cars at the airport. And, before going, they've maxed out their credit cards. This has affected THOUSANDS. Enough, so that the NY Times noticed. And, talks about the "fire sales" that occur, now, when lots of cars are put up for auction.

Dubai doesn't have oil or gas. They were the "young upstarts," fed money by the Emirates. But now? The Emirates aren't bailing out the developers, investors, or bankers.

For the two Israeli tennis players? At least now the world knows their names. While in Sweden, the Israeli player will be playing against an opponent, in an EMPTY area. (Too much worry that the muslims couldn't be controlled, and they'd be violent spectators.)

Dubai's lesson? Not one that will boost tourism. But it does show you when people are mentally damaged by their beliefs, they do the very things that brings back backlash. Not that I care.

Funniest line I read? In a few years Dubai won't be holding tennis matches on clay courts. It will all go back to being sand, again.

Anonymous said...

Dubai backtracks due to public pressure and backlash and allows Andy Ram entry, but it is too late for Shahar Pe'er.

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