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Thursday, February 19, 2009
OK people, what would you do at this point?

We bought a small home appliance, a hand blender (NIS 400) from a store in Bnei Brak.

It worked quite well, and we were happy,

But then, within a week of using it, it broke (actually 2 of its add-on pieces broke). The plastic part on top of the whisk that spins around actually melted(!), and then the plastic connector for the chopper unit (that also spins around) cracked.

We see some melted plastic inside the hand blender too, but we don't know if that is from the unit, or from the whisk.

We brought it back to the store and they said that kind of damage isn't included in the 1 year warranty. When we asked what kind of damage is included, they said, only if the device doesn't work (and what kind of damage would that be exactly)?

After numerous phone calls, no solution was provided by the store and we were left with a broken blender,.

Finally we asked about buying replacement parts (because they didn't think to suggest that even).

Oh, for that we need to directly go to the service center ourselves.


How I miss reputable appliance stores in the US that would have simply replaced the item on the spot.


Anonymous said...

See if your credit card company offers any protection or assistance with issues like this one.

Anonymous said...


Those US stores went broke, and are out of business.

Neshama said...

Why don't you send the company's european rep an email about the problem. Maybe they can send you the pieces for replacement. Email also name of store, price, and date of purchase (in case they want to verify). Could be the store doesn't get replacement parts without paying in advance and it just doesn't pay for him. But maybe the company will work something out with the store.

Anonymous said...

We spoke with the manufacturer's local office (well we left a message, and they got back to us a few days later), and they directed us to their unlisted service center in Jerusalem, and we'll see what response we get there.

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