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Saturday, February 07, 2009
I believe it may have been Ehud Barak who coined the phrase “There is no military solution, only a diplomatic solution”. Certainly it was some disconnected individual on the Left.

I write that because I am going to coin my own phrase right now, “There’s no diplomatic solution, only an imposed military solution.”

For one thing, this is simply obvious, we have tried and implemented all the reasonable and unreasonable diplomatic solutions (short of destroying our country outright) and they have all failed and have all resulted in more violence.

Whereas every time we have actually fought terrorism (Jenin, Gaza, proactive operations in Judea and Samaria), that has resulted in a real lull in terrorism (simply due to destroying their immediate terror capabilities) – but unfortunately we keep stopping short of our goals due to the diplomatic interference, both internal and external.

I would propose further that the phrase “There is no military solution, only a diplomatic solution” as said by our local leftists, is not referring to the Peace process, but is actually a projection and verbalization of our internally caused weakness.

As long as there are wonderful IDF soldiers defending us, the Arabs will not be able to defeat us with a military solution, but as long as there are Leftists and those without conviction in our Government, the diplomatic route is the way to destroy Israel.

There is a Medrash that says that when the Children of Israel came back to the Land of Israel to bury their father Jacob, Eisav and his men blocked the way and said that the Cave of the Patriarchs belonged to them.

The children began to argue and sit around the negotiations table, and they even sent Naftali back to Egypt to bring back the deed to prove ownership – even though all sides knew that the cave belonged to Yaacov.

The story continues on with the son of Dan, Hushim, who was deaf and didn’t participate in the argument and negotiations with Eisav and his men.

He wasn’t involved in the diplomacy, he wasn’t busy hearing the other side and letting them confuse him with lies and subterfuge.

So Hushim got up, hit Eisav (who was trying to rob them in broad daylight) over the head and killed him (the story continues that Eisav’s head rolled into the cave where it lies till today).

Proving once and for all there is a military solution – as certainly even if shown Yaacov’s deed to the land, Eisav wouldn’t have given up, and would have continued using diplomacy to stop the Children of Israel (until he would get tired of that game and moved on to trying to kill us first - as was his reputation as a murderer).

The lesson is, if someone has bad intentions, negotiating and engaging them in diplomacy is not the solution and won’t stop them from trying to kill and rob you – whereas imposing a military response is the solution.

That's it.


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