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Friday, February 27, 2009
There you have it, in black and white, and out in the open.

But I'm not actually sure what everyone is shocked about. It is nothing new that Lieberman wants and desires a Palestinian State within the borders of the Land of Israel and on this side of the Jordan river.

It seems the only people surprised are those that voted for the guy and didn't actually bother to read his platform.

Lieberman supports the removal of Israeli sovereignty from any part of Eretz Yisrael where there is a local Arab majority. While he usually only talks about Uhm el-Fahm and the Triangle, this would logically includes Yafo, parts of Haifa, of course parts of Jerusalem (East and West) and so on.

What do these people who voted for Lieberman in their ignorance (or after being duped) think he was saying?

This isn't someone with some sort of "Loyalty to Eretz Yisrael", or even a Jewish-based vision of what the State should be.

Who do they think would be the regional authority for these former Arab citizens of Israel? What entity would they be joining? What kind of Cantons was he referring to?

Wake up.

I will repeat it again and again. If you wanted to vote Right, you should have voted for a religious right-wing party that has values.

It's as simple as that.

Lieberman's vision is anything but a traditional Jewish one.


Anonymous said...


Oh, please. The threats are now so real, it's time to wake up and worry that Obama is gonna pull a Jimmy Carter.

Hillary Clinton talked a good game TO get to a senate seat in New York. But she RESENTED being second fiddle to Chuck Schumer.

Lots of American policies, steeped in hatred towards Israel, goes back to Eisenhower. Not one other president after that ever thought Israel was more than a nuisance. With Oil predominating.

It's a wonder the saud's never paid a price! And, America's word? How good was it when Reagan pulled out the marines from Beirut. Why? One car bomb. But arabs don't pay. Jews are told to "pay up."

I'll take Avigdor Lieberman over Livni any day. And, Bibi Netanyahu has wanted to be back in the prime minister's chair for a long time. Hopefully, he's considered options. Including one where Israeli politicians think he goes downhill IF all he can get to form a government is the religious parties. Plus, Lieberman.

Livni? She (and perhaps Ehud Barak, too?) ... Think it will be a walk in the park being in the opposition. I bet they think they can have new-new elections before 2009 reaches December.

Like herding cats. Now is not the time to stand and scream about "wish lists." Let the arabs have "wish lists." In time? All those bums get defeated at the polls. Not one president, since Eisenhower, really gets high grades. ANd, some left office with very low approval numbers, as well. True. Reagan didn't. And, Bill CLinton didn't. Reagan, it was said, left without a brain. And, Clinton left without his pants.

Up ahead? Bibi will heal the "orange" rift. Peres will soon remove the police grip on those who opposed Disengagement. You don't think he'll do it? I think he will.

Shimon Peres is a barometer. And, he knows Labor is dead. And, Livni can end up looking stubborn, because all she wanted was Bibi's prime minister's chair.

Please just let reality play out. It's a more beneficial, and democratic process, than you know.

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