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Wednesday, February 18, 2009
In other news, as Likud lets out leaks that Lieberman won't be getting everything he is asking for, Lieberman's people happened to mention that during his vacation in Russia, he did manage to find plenty of time to talk to Bibi and Tzippy.

Suddenly Lieberman realizes that he doesn't hold all the cards, and he can easily find himself out in the cold or worse, the cause of new elections (which would destroy his party), so he is forced to show that he is involved.

Gee, did he make a novice political blunder here? (Yes.)

As an aside, many of Lieberman's current conditions are the same he demanded of Olmert, yet he did nothing with them then either.

Most likely we'll see Lieberman in a Likud coalition in an arrangement that could have been resolved a week ago if only Lieberman's ego had only been more in line with reality.

Hopefully this will teach him a lesson to be part of the solution, and not part of the problem.


Anonymous said...


The American President, Lyndon Johnson, had an expression. He said "it's better to get the stinker inside your tent, pissing out. Than have him outside, pissing in.

It's a credit to Bibi that the Likud didn't die when it was reduced to 12 seats. And there was plenty of mischief brought in by Morris Talansky, that made things rough on Olmert. (Not resolved, yet. Just rough.)

Peres, for one, sees Labor dead. Such an inglorious death; where Ehud Barak's behaviors isolated the party away from the public. Even though Barak is great at "spritzing his marker around the tent."

Elections ahead? You know it! Let alone what happens to Livni IF Olmert gets to clear his name.

Ditto, for Lieberman. As the political strangle-holds seem to come from the police!

Avigdor Lieberman didn't learn, either, when he tore down Arik Sharon's first government. This only enraged Arik Sharon; who then formed Kadima. Which is now "stressed out." While Labor lays there like a dead person.

Of course, the next elections will come sooner rather than later! Give Avigdor Lieberman credit. He may not learn much from his lurchings; but lurch, ahead, he will. You just know this thing has a fuse end. And, I expect there will be plenty of sparks.

While the longer it takes? The longer Olmert remains in control.

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