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Monday, February 16, 2009
According to sources, Lieberman is asking for the Defense of Foreign Ministry.

That reminds me of when Amir Peretz demanded and received the Defense Ministry. Not having any experience in the field, we know what kind of mess he made of that.

Furthermore, for Peretz it was clearly an ego thing. His experience and his calling was in Work and Social Welfare issues, yet here he was going for the "prestigious" job instead of the job he was more eminently qualified for (though in his own socialist way) and where could have made the changes he wanted.

Now hands down, Lieberman is much smarter than Peretz, but yet when he had the custom made "Strategic Affairs" ministry, he did absolutely nothing with it to protect us strategically.

As for the Foreign Ministry, I can see him as ambassador to Moldovia, and while I don't know how good (or bad) his English is, will Lieberman demand a loyalty test of Barack Obama too, to determine if he is a good Arab/Moslem or a bad Arab/Moslem?

But more seriously, his position on Foreign Policy will be to rewrite the borders of Israel to exclude parts of the Land of Israel (and Jerusalem) where there are Arabs living on it. That's not exactly a foreign policy I want to see implemented or promoted.

On the other hand, he may perhaps take a tougher, more Zionistic (his own version of it at least) stance than his predecessors in that ministry, so if I had to choose between the two, I'd rather he got Foreign than Defense.

After all, how many countries can he really scare into permanently boycotting us?


Anonymous said...


Maybe, because I'm suspicious; I think the press leads to blind alleys. And, no one who holds any power respects the presstitutes (or the diplomats) all that much.

Still what have you got to go on, except this "liberalized agenda" that Shimon Peres knows how to use to his own advantages, very, very well.

In other words? In America the "spot-on" leaker who grew very wealthy is none other than James Baker. And, in Israel? His stinking counterpart is Shimon Peres.

That's why Bibi is being cut up like this, by a bunch of midgets. To see if they can bleed away any of his 65 "natural" seats; which would include either Kadima. Or Lieberman. (And, as if these characters aren't terrified of going through another election cycle!) I think I can bear witness that Shimon Peres sits in Katsav's vacated chair; because he's aged. And, he didn't want to confront a ballot box that would have tossed him out of office. Heck, he just saw what happened to Foad Ben Eliezer! And, Gal-On.

Maybe, you don't hear the gossip. Because diplomats and politicians keep all their gossip secret. While they let the press go after a new victim. (Today's victim is Bibi.) And, need I remind you? Katsav raped no one!

And, yes. Olmert said Livni stabbed him in the back! Because Livni was the first force to create the storm that needed this past election. (Early.) And, where "operatives" who partook of this from the inside; are now outside. Except for Shimon Peres. Who remains seated. But just like James Baker's leaks, I can smell Shimon Peres an entire sea away from Israel's troubles.

Very rarely has diplomacy ever really gained traction. Because when the failures occur, there's war. And, war seems to make some presidents stronger. (While Dubya crapped out. Trying to make the Saud's the new Ottoman's of the Mideast. You can't fool me!)

I also know American history. And, I wouldn't give you a fiddler's fart for any president in the USA, since Eisenhower. And, he put in motion much of the failures you do see.

While for learning experiences? Americans get wounded. Korea. Vietnam. And, now, following 9/11, which has the saud's hands written all over it; you saw a president who waltzed in with a "plan." What a stinking plan!

Do you know that someday, where you'll see America's military might compared to the iranian imported terrorists in Iraq, what will puzzle some people is that these two groups worked together.

Why is that?

China worked with Vietnam to defeat America. And, what does Vietnam have today? (Yes, we have presidents who soiled themselves in office.)

And, American diplomats who can't recognize the truth when it stares them in the face. So you want to see something else right now?

At least there's the Internet. As Jackie Mason says, "Jews discuss." Even in the lobby, "they discuss." Returning to their seats "because there's no other place to go. And, the theater is warm."

Here's my part of the discussion: "How can Livni win if Shaul Mofaz has absolutely no respect for her?" What about that Ha'aretz article that blasted Livni a day or two BEFORE the election? You just have to be an "insider" to know that she's weak. But also stubborn. And, determined.

That Avigdor Lieberman smells success? Maybe, because Katsav raped no one. And, still got punished. Because Shimon Peres wanted to move up?

While I'm at it, you think history will be kind to Shimon Peres?

You think history will be kind to diplomats? The one from WW2 that gets remembered is England's Chamberlain. Not so remembered? The un-pius pope; who, in 1941, met a german who convinced him that Catholic doctrine and Nazi doctrine were on the same path. Nu? That wasn't a lie. But it would be a mircle to make an un-pius pope a saint.

For Bibi to win, now? Dunno.

But if Bibi loses, now? Wouldn't his position in the opposition be strengthed? I mean he held a dozen seats, before. And, now "he's got more than 24."

For Livni to push Bibi into the opposition, now, would be so outrageous! And, Shimon Peres won't lend her a parachute. Heck, he's saved that one for his gal, Dalia Itzik. Man picks jerks.

LB said...

Also, if he is actually able to "scare [other countries] into permanently boycotting us," maybe it will finally end American "aid."

Anonymous said...

Ending our dependency on US aid would be excellent, and would contribute a tremendous amount to increasing our ability to look out for our own interests.

Netanyahu made an excellent start, which Kadima of course reversed.

Now Bibi gets to try again.

LB said...

Joe - yes, it would. If only more people would realize that, and think that calling for an end to this patron state status is a heresy.

And re: Bibi - yes, one can still be (somewhat) hopeful.

Anonymous said...


American aid? Then you're unaware of American presidents. Eisenhower, for instance, got furious at Ben-Gurion, for "daring" to help the British and French defend the Suez from Nasser's grasp.

Did you know the Suez was built with British money; and British expertise? (Ever notice how Americans feel about the Panama Canal?)

Did you know that the British Pound took a beating when England lost the revenues it used to take from the Suez? And, that to amiliorate Israel's position ... that it was being denied access to the shipping lane; that "America would back Israel." This piece of paper vanished in LBJ's hands.

LBJ was furious at Eshkol for daring to "go to war" on June 5, 1967. Even though the russians had helped the eygptians dig in. And, they also helped Jordan and Syria, too; with their military.

While LBJ railed that America "couldn't face two fronts" ... and we were knee deep, then, in Vietnam; Israel cleaned house in six days.

The list goes on and on.

And, I also believe that Arik Sharon got his two strokes because of Dubya. And, the pressure this goof ball put on Sharon. Perhaps, you don't remember the trip Sharon had to take to Crawford, Texas; for a meeting that lasted 90-minutes. And, prepared for his guest, Dubya's cook prepared cookies (iced in appropriate blue & white), of Israel. For Arik to eat. (I don't think he touched one.)

But if you want friends you need to look skyward. Because hidden by clouds, now, is "how things turned out" from Eisenhower, to LBJ. From Nixon to Carter, to both Bush's. You think it looks good?

Me? I think God has a sense of humor.

I also think the mainstream media has disappeared backwards in time. Because there was once a time they contolled the substance of every story. Now? All they can do is give sub-titles. (You read sub-titles to tell you what's going on?)

If Livni was "so popular" she'd have a real majority under her tuchis. This is something she does not have. Yes. She has the "shifting tuchis of Shimon Peres. Who has yet to do one right thing in his life. Ever. But then, it was Arik Sharon who stroked.

No American can understand an Israeli. We live in a big country. To the north and south of us are weak countries. And, to the west and east there are FISH.

Right now there is a contest, where the press is wrestling with Bibi. And, Shimon Peres is up to his "usual." (I'd call it rape. But without raping anyone, Katsav lost his job.) Go figa.

IF Livni gets to be prime minister, I think people will be taking bets on how long it will take for her government to dissolve.

Oh, yeah. Avigdor Lieberman dreams big. Even this big fat fool would opt for new elections! Because he sees more Labor seats he can absorb into his "russian program."

Maybe, yes.

Maybe, no.

But Israelis are now very experienced in how "big American ideas" get thwarted. And, this too can, yet, pass. Just wait for the sub-titles to stop. Shimon Peres needs to make a move.

While on another playing field, Obama hopes things don't get worse. (Of course, you know there are rules when you can't fathom "worse.")

Anonymous said...

I would like him to get whatever position that would encourage U.S. aid to be cut off... Israel has the means to support itself. Without Israel getting U.S. aid, America wouldn't have near as much leverage to shove the false peace process down its throat.

I stand by the principals of relying on Hashem, and whomever doesn't like it can take it up with Him. Let the world and their false-friendship take a hike. All we need is Hashem anyway.

Anonymous said...


Whatever happened to the RAFI party?

It came about, back in 1967, when it looked like Eshkol was too afraid to have the IDF "engage." So, it was some sort of party, taking from Labor, and starting this military wing ding.

Eshkol didn't stop the IDF.

What stops the IDF isn't the Americans, either. Since Israel always goes against the advice that it gets.

Meanwhile, an American diplomat. Jewish. Aaron David Miller, who started at the State Department back in Carter's days. And, "stuck with it" through Reagan, Both Bush's, and Clinton, has just written THE MUCH TOO PROMISED LAND.

He gets it about right when he explains Americans will never understand Israelis, because Israel is a small country. Surrounded by hostility; while Americans live in this vast universe populated by "make believe." (Just in case you thought it was only hollywood.)

Most of the teeth grinding is a waste of time.

But you can learn from books. Stuff that never makes the light of day if you follow the media to bring you the news.

One of the most interesting chapters, so far, in Miller's book, deals with how the "small" always gain advantages over GULLIVER. (Gulliver was the word substitution for GULLIBLE.)

How can I teach somebody else that big doesn't necessarily work? With my son, I use the SPANISH ARMADA as an example.

You start with the catholic pope very put out by Henry VIII, seeing his daughter climb onto the British throne. Well, he's sure God isn't going to back "her." So he convinces the Spanish king, Charles, to spend his millions. (What with Columbus and everything, the spanish treasury is bulging.) And, he recommends the biggest ships you can imagine.

Spain put 20,000 soldiers aboard these ships! Plus, canonballs. It was a very expensive outfitting.

What did Elizabeth have? Rowboats. So small that when the Spanish Armada came sailing in, the small boats toodled underneath, and none got capsized by canon shot. It took 3 weeks. Elizabeth's row boats sunk ALL of the Spanish ships. (Maybe, a few hundred got out alive. To report back.) Spain hasn't been the same, since.

For the catholic church? It took American lawyers finally bringing justice to men who had been buggered when they were kids; and their parents thought there was nothing safer than sending them to catholic church after school. (And, then the poor kids were sworn to secrecy.)

Shows ya. The best kept secrets get to see the light of day.

Now, the only reason I think Bibi is aiming for the Center; where Livni says she's holding "all the cards," is that a good government NEEDS the center. Run right, and you look as nutsy as Dubya's rolling towards Jesus.

Go left? And, you see Jimmy Carter having an encounter with a killer rabbit.

Meanwhile, whatever happened to the RAFI PARTY?

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