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Friday, February 13, 2009
Call me cynical (not you JoeSettler!) but I’m wondering if Bibi can hold off creating a coalition until after Lieberman gets thrown in jail.

On one hand, we know that the State is often quick at loudly proclaiming a politician’s alleged dirty laundry, but on the other hand we saw what that actual dirty laundry did to the political stances of Sharon and Olmert.

Do we really need more of the same stuff, but now from Lieberman?

Apparently Lieberman is going to the President and recommending himself as Prime Minister. Now that’s a scary thought (Did I mean Lieberman as PM, or that he would have the Chutzpah to think he has the qualities needed to even consider nominating himself?).

There is also no doubt that Lieberman is making outrageous demands of both Bibi and Livni, far beyond the size and actual importance of his small party, and only possible due to the defects in our electoral system (exactly what Shas used to do).

What we now have are all the ingredients for an unstable coalition. Lieberman obviously can’t be trusted, and the alternative is Kadima or Labor in the coalition – neither options any good.

Worse, what we could end up with is actually a leftwing Kadima led government with Labor and Lieberman, though it will still need another linchpin party, and that would an interesting question as to who it could be.

And if that happens, besides feeling sorry for the country, you have to feel sorry for all the poor dupes that didn’t read JoeSettler, and thus Lieberman was able to trick them into thinking he was a right winger and not an opportunist with limited values.

So the best hope for the country right now (if Lieberman doesn’t get off his high horse) is that Lieberman gets very quickly thrown in jail, and an actual right winger (Uzi Landau) take over the Yisrael Beiteinu party and helps create a stable government.


Anonymous said...

Better watch out Joe, cause when Lieberman gets into power, he's going to make you take his loyalty test too, and this post won't be looked on favorably.

Jehoshaphat said...

I told you you were getting ahead of yourself with your dream team
Here is the cold, hard truth.

Anonymous said...

Oy. Not my dream team. Just a possible configuration.

Anonymous said...

But I am glad you voted Ichud Leumi.

Anonymous said...

Everyday Liebeman plays his power games is another day lost in the struggle against an Iranian nuclear attack.

Anonymous said...


The "weak" hand actually belongs to Livni. (And, one of the charges against her that I read is that she vacillates. And, can never seem to make up her mind. The article, in fact, before the election, was in Ha'aretz. Not a place you'd expect to find such hostility.)

It seems to me she also has what to lose. Whether she wants to claim "she won't be a fig leaf," the truth is that there aren't enough seats on the left to boost her into the prime minister's chair.

So, if she won't deal? Then her ego is too big for her britches.

Plus, I also remember Olmert saying "she stabbed him in the back." Then, you add to this the mischief of Ehud Barak, who now gets to see Labor held in very low esteem ... And, you can only guess what's ahead.

While Olmert sits in a "caretaker" government.

As to Avigdor Lieberman, he is who he is. That people voted for his party this time around? What happened? It's like people with Alzheimer's, who don't remember how Lieberman, on his own, forced Arik Sharon to new elections. (Which he not only won; but he also created Kadima.)

Make fun of Kadima if you want. But it has better legs than Gils Pensioner Party. And, Shunui. Ever had.

Lieberman is just a bully. He's bad news for anyone's government. But Livni? She dithers. Before she does something obvious. And, "obvious" is to let Bibi have the prime minister's chair; where he then gets to swing at some right wingers; and claim "he's in the middle."

If I had to guess? The middle holds a lot of esteem for most voters. In other words, here, in America, most voters are in the middle. But politicians are not!

Can things get weird?

You bet! The "middle" put Obama over the top because it has not patience with fundamentalists and/or creationists. (Or as a Little Green Football headline, today, said: "Wny is it always republicans who fight Darwin?")

Sure, it's bad for business.

But right now? It's also bad for Livni. Should she choose not to be a fig leaf? Then she's no closer to becoming prime minister than Ehud Barak just got! (And, he really tore at Olmert's government!) That and Livni is what brought you to these elections one year "early."

Will Olmert give Livni good advice?

I think he'll come out okay, against the charges from "air line flights" ... because no one gave him any credits towards accumulated travel mileage. And, in time the BS will catch up with the cops.

I never saw Olmert giving away the store! I saw a man, however, coming in, in 2006; when Arik Sharon got a stroke from all that pressure from Bush; to go after the West Bank the way he disengaged from gaza. (Bush lost the bet. Obama hasn't got a clue. And, Olmert just waited out the storm.)

As to being an outsider; that's familiary territory to Lieberman! Not so much to Livni. She's always been under the wing of those who had won.

While she waits? Maybe, Ehud Barak races in to prop up Bibi? You think I'm kidding?

If Kadima is then on the outside, Livni's gonna look pretty stupid.

Too bad we can't foretell the future with a deck of cards.

Anonymous said...


As each day passes, the tension grows. But now, with the Internet, the mass media can't quite do what it used to do. (Make up "fake news" and it get passed as the "real deal.")

Because I'm old enough to remember. Back in 1967? LBJ wanted Israel to use diplomacy. And, instead? Israel went it alone. When, back then, the arabs were sure with russia's "help" they were gonna win.

While LBJ thought the Mideast war would drain his Vietnam "quagmire." (And, where the press passed the lie that the North Koreans won the Tet Offensive.)

Aren't we all more grown up, now?

The press wants to press Livni onto the prime minister's chair. (As if Ehud Barak wasn't working against her for more than a year, now.) You mean you don't suspect that Ehud Barak was working with Bibi, trying to figure out how to get to elections? Gee. I thought it was obvious.

As to the current song and dance; which includes Obama from America "halping." Supposedly he's claiming he can be the "adult in charge." But only behind the sheets.

Since we're living in the Internet AGE, there's a pretty good chance that Bibi had figured out how he'd have to work hard to give Ehud Barak that guaranteed defense portfolio. Given how much heavy lifting went into what you see.

To me? Amir Peretz is less competition than Foad Ben-Eliezer; another chump who walked away from a defense portfolio actually believing then, that Arik Sharon would lose; and Foad would be bounced into the prime minister's chair. And, now? He's been bounced out.

Gal-On is out. And, at some point Olmert goes into court; where, hopefully, he can get a fair trial. Something that was denied Katsav. And, it's also possible that inside a courtroom, Lieberman will wipe the floor with the likes of Mazuz.

In essence? Trials are very much like election days. You can bet money on your horse; but more often than not, as they run out of the gate, there are surprises.

Olmert's way more skilled as a politician than Livni. He also speaks English.

And, since nothing get solved until Shimon Peres "picks" ... and, then the whole thing still gets "discussed." It's like a Jackie Mason routine. (Jews always "discuss." "It's not for you?," right?)

At least the media is no longer in charge of how messages can take on lives of their own.

Heck, even when you compare Livni to Lieberman, Livni may be outclassed? You can't fool me; Ehud Barak has no respect for that woman.

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