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Wednesday, February 04, 2009
Lots to talk about today (I hope there is enough time).

I was talking with my wife, and asked her if there was anything Shas accomplished of note during this entire term. Looking at their ads, they certainly aren't mentioning anything of note. Yet here they are trying to woo the Religious-Zionist vote as if they helped us, or anybody else, but their private school system.

My wife looked at me like I was nuts, and said what about the entire communications revolution that Minister Attias implemented.

I looked at her, and realized she was right. But if that is the case, then why aren't they advertising it?

So my wife explained to me that she just said why it's not being toted.

Because it was created and implemented by Shas Minister Ariel Attias - probably the most effective Shas Minister ever - and the biggest political threat to Shas party head Eli Yishai.

Attias is one of those ministers that stands out from the pack as actually having accomplished something productive (for the entire population) during his term.

Yishai is completely threatened by this up and coming party member - so therefore Shas's biggest success is never going to be publicized as part of their ad campaign.

I mention this because before his term is over Attias is trying to pass one more communications revolution: kick-starting WiMax in Israel!

I haven't seen the details or analyzed the technical side of what he wants to implement, nor do I know where he stands on other political issues, but the fact that he is trying to get this going at all shows a far-sighted thinker who belongs in a better party than he is now - or perhaps at the head of his party.


bluke said...

Yes, Attias is the only Minister who actually did his job. Most of the other ministers were either incompetent (Amir Peretz) or were looking to move up (Shaul Mofaz although he may be incompetent as well).

This is a huge problem with the current system. Most of the ministers are looking for their next job and unfortunately no one cares what the minister actually does. Otherwise, how could Shaul Mofaz be a realistic candidate for PM when he has been a total failure as Transport Minister?

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