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Monday, February 09, 2009
First the police an High Court play their standard game of blocking the democratic rights of people they don't like when they blocked/prevented/indefinitely delayed Baruch Marzel from holding an Israel Day Parade in the Arab populated Israeli town of Uhm el-Fahm. Ostensibly because the Arab citizens of Israel would get violent if an Israeli flag was dared to be waved in their town.

But that's when other forces set in.

For elections, a computer program randomly selects where each party must send an elections supervisor.

Ironically, the National Union received none other than Uhm el-Fahm. They chose Baruch Marzel to be their electoral supervisor in that town.

The residents of Uhm el_Fahm have threatened violence in response.

So upon hearing that news, Attorney General Mazuz tried to block Marzel's appointment!

Can you imagine that?! A government official doesn't like the randomly chosen party who is set to supervise a voter station against fraud (in a town known for a lot of voter fraud), so he tries to get them removed! That sounds suspicious to me.

Meanwhile the computer selected that the radical Arab party Raam-Taal to supervise in Beit El.

Raam-Tal was one of the Arab parties recently disqualified (and then reinstated by the High Court) for expressing positions against the existence of the State of Israel.

Despite this, the residents of Beit El said the radical Arab supervisor would be welcome without any of the violence that Marzel is threatened to be greeted with in Uhm el-Fahm.

But alas, it is not to be. MK Ahmed Tibi (Arafat's former interlocutor) said his party does not recognize settlements and therefore will not be sending a supervisor to the town of Beit El.


Batya said...

Mazuz is the most dangerous of all.

Anonymous said...

Well, in the end we know what happened. The police prohibited Marzel from going, and Arieh Eldad went in his place.

Eldad was forced to leave due to Arab riots.

Anonymous said...

That's nuts! Any update on this issue with Marzel? If Eldad was forced to leave as well (I like Eldad a lot) then who is representing Ichud Leumi there then? No one?

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