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Wednesday, February 04, 2009
Iran wants a war with Israel (but not to fight us directly yet).

One of the boarded Iranian cargo ships was smuggling weapons not just for Hamas, but also of the type Syria uses - weapons that Syria would need to attack Israel.

First Iran sent their proxy Hezbollah. Then they sent their proxy Hamas.

We learned our lessons in the first war, but Iran learned their lessons in the second.

What's next is to have Hezbollah and Hamas (and Syria?) attack us simultaneously and for them to take advantage of the information they gleamed of our fighting tactics.

Hamas hasn't stopped firing since we pulled out, and every launch is a thumb in the eye of... not just Israel, but also Hezbollah who have been busy rebuilding their arsenal instead of shooting us.

But with the Hezbollah tunnel found up North the other day (into Israel), the various Hezbollah missiles stopped just prior to launch these past few weeks, things are poised at the edge, and everyone is just waiting for Iran to give the word.

Will it be before, during or after elections?

I hope we didn't become to overconfident after the Gaza war and we continue with our trust in God for us to win the upcoming war.


Anonymous said...

I hope not, but a joint Hamas & Hezbollah attack doesn't sound too much like a stretch.. though I don't thiny Syria would get involved. We could pound them into the dirt and no one except Iran would care.

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